Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara program music

They just aired Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara’s skating routine (Suzaki fell). One of the musical medley is a very familiar song from when I was a kid. I think the lyrics that go with it end with ‘Forever and forever and a day’. But I’m not sure.

ID please?

It’s from 2016, but YouTube suggests they did the theme to an anime called Yuri on Ice, if that’s what you’re thinking of?

Never saw it. The part of their program I’m looking for dates from the early-'70s. Mrs. L.A. said it was Brian’s Song, which sounded right. I sampled the theme and The Hands Of Time. They sound similar to the part I’m asking about, but I didn’t hear the exact thing. Could be part of one of the songs I didn’t listen to, or maybe it’s another song in the movie.

The Yuri On Ice routine seems to be from the 9th. The music I’m looking for was from their performance today (the 11th in South Korea) where they came in 5th with a score of 97.67 and 6 team points.

We are trying to figure it out too, so far there is the main theme from 'Romeo and Juliet ( the movie) or from the movie ‘Born Free’. We are probably way off. But that’s my bit.

Yeah, I was thinking Camelot or Doctor Zhivago originally. About a decade before 'the early-‘70s’, but not the kind of music I was listening to as a kid so it might have been from something my parents watched on TV.

That’s it!

What Is A Youth.

I knew I heard that in a movie.
Yay! Me! I got something correct (sorta).