Mixed drinks using coconut water

I first discovered the joys of coconut water when shopping at whole foods before a 10 week roadtrip/camping/hiking vacation. We bought a case of Zico after seeing the potassium content. They are supremely nice, ice cold, at the end of a long day on the trail.

Just recently, (again, Whole Foods) we found large tetrapacks of O.N.E. and we’ve been buying them for a couple of weeks.

This evening, while being too lazy to dig out the food processor to make a proper blended cocktail with baileys and kahlua, I splashed some of the coconut water in my glass with some ice cubes with a dash of both liquors and it is SO DAMN GOOD.

So there most be some other great cocktail recipes with this stuff.

Oh…and would getting shitfaced on a coconut water rich night of drinking possibly have less hang-over risk?

Doesn’t coconut water act as a mild laxative? Sounds like a hangover on the toilet.