Mixing whiskey drinks... need help fast!!

I’m a big fan of Jameson whiskey. After a couple of tipples tonight, I thought to myself, “Hey, Johnny Walker has that tasting club circuit… I wonder if Jameson has something similar?”

Well, I check out the website, and I’m distracted by a link to a mixology page. Here’s the HTML version.

So what types of refreshing adult beverages does this purveyor of fine whiskey recommend to the world? Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats for these five recipes.

[li]Jameson on the rocks[/li][li]Jameson straight up[/li][li]Jameson and ginger[/li][li]Jameson and cola[/li][li]Irish Honey shot[/li][/ol] Alright, I’ve never heard of an Irish Honey shot, but those are the lamest drink recipes I have ever seen. But that isn’t really the root of my problem.

Were someone to look at the Flash version of the site (which unfortunately I cannot link directly to, but take my word for this), one would see Mr. Jameson’s Secret Mixology for Jameson on the rocks and Jameson straight up. (The HTML site has a different version of those drinks.)

Here’s the recipe for the “on the rocks” drink. Take a tumbler. Add ice. Add 1 1/2 parts Jameson.

And for the Jameson straight, take a tumbler. Add 1 1/2 parts Jameson.

Well, I’m no mathematician, and certainly no chemist, so perhaps someone can explain something to me. How the fuck does one measure “1 1/2 parts” when there are no other parts? I’m tempted to try these recipes in my own house, but my layman’s interpretation of these quizzical Ikea-like instructions means that I think I have to pour 12 oz of Jameson into my 8 oz tumbler.

Unless someone can assist me with this quandary very soon, I fear my next drink may come with a side of liquor-soaked rug.

I think that means your fill the tumbler and then pour 4 oz directly into your mouth.

One part is generally one fluid ounce, I believe. But hey, if you’re dead-set on licking whiskey out of the carpet, who am I to stop you?

On the linked HTML page the recipes say to add 37.5ml of Jameson’s. Damn, where did I leave that graduated cylinder?

So how’d it turn out?

After heavy experimentation, I have determined that it all tastes the same, no matter how much whiskey is in the jar.

Licking whiskey out of the carpet: Frat initiation or weird kink?

It’s on the rocks and straight for heavens sake. You pour some Jameson (feel free to substitute Bushmills) over ice or you pour Jameson (feel free to substitute Bushmills) into an empty glass until it looks about right. As the man said. It’s not rocket surgery.

I am relatively certain that “part” here means ounce.

My father, an immigrant from County Cork, always felt it was a sin against God to ruin perfectly good whiskey with ice. And for him this “part” would have been three or four ounces, but for him drinking things like Bushmills or Jameson was a combination medicinal and religious experience.