MLB 2021 Playoffs

Back-to-back walk offs for the Braves. They’ve held serve, but, as @BlankSlate noted, they’ve been here before. Last year, in fact.

Seager has to catch that ball.

Am I imagining things. or are there more under-6ft tall baseball players running around these days? Really good ones too. They seemed to be a dying breed in the so-called steroid era.

It looked like Jansen came close to snagging it himself. I wonder if it caused Seager to lose sight/focus for a nano-second, which was just enough.

How that can be ruled a hit is beyond me. All Seager need to do was kneel down and backhand the ball. Yes, it was hit hard, but MLB players are paid to make that play.

Dodgers defense definitely let them down last night. Both runs in the bottom of the 8th should have been outs at home plate.

I agree that should be ruled an error. Seager was right there; it was a play that could have been made with an ordinary effort, as per Rule 9.12.

The Red Sox have brought guns to a knife fight.

I think I heard that they’ve hit 18 home runs thus far in the postseason. This is their 7th game.

Prior to two days ago, no MLB team had ever hit two grand slams in the same playoff game. The Red Sox have done it twice in this series.

They only have one grand slam in tonight’s game (game 3).

facepalm I misread the box score. Mea culpa.

Though apparently 3 grand slams in a single playoff series is also a first.

A bazooka, actually. Hopefully they have more rounds to fire.

:waves white flag:

It was actually their 8th game - 1 wildcard, 4 in the ALDS, that was the 3rd game of the ALCS. But they also hit 2 more homers after your post, so they’re up to 20 for the playoffs.

I obviously have trouble counting…thanks for the correction!

20 HRs in 8 games is, of course, 2.5 HRs per game, which calculates to 405 in a 162-game season. The record for HRs by any club in a season is 307.

This sort of batting slump is obviously a concern. It will be interesting to see what adjustments they make to try to get their offense back on track in upcoming games.

I am pretty sure than these days you would find more than a few examples of a team hitting 20 home runs in an eight game stretch. I almost immediately found one 8-game stretch in which the Blue Jays hit 21. In 2019, the year the Twins hit 307 homers, I found an eight game run in which they hit 25 (!!!) home runs.

Home runs are wayyyyyyy too frequent now.

While definitely true, I’d expect to see it less frequently in the playoffs, when pitching should be a little better. Of course, we’re talking about the American League here…

Well of course, I’m not taking away from the fact the Red Sox have played extremely well at just the right time.