MLB 2021 Playoffs

Los Gigantes! Buster Posey!

I already hear the “Beat L.A. chants” – awesome. I wanna so Norcal-SoCal, nortenos/surenos hate.

p.s. Brandon Crawford is the shit. Great DP

Well, not the way anyone predicted the game would play out, but a win is a win.

How bout the Red Sox?

Logan Webb – the best pitcher in the postseason that nobody’s ever heard of…until now.

He was great last night. Gausman tonight!

He was dominant. It’s also a bad sign for L.A. that they’ve struggled to put runs on the board in their first two playoff games.

Braves tie it up. Good pitching by ATL.

Wait, is Angel fucking Hernandez calling balls/strikes tonight?!

He certainly is!

Not correctly.

Joe West was behind the plate in the NL WC card game. He actually did a fair job, considering how terrible he usually is. I thought I read (but can’t find it now) that that was his last game. I know he announced his retirement after the regular season ended.

He was pathetic. MLB screwed up with that assignment.

Gosh, and they only put up 9 in their third playoff game.

How the fuck can replay suck so bad? Clearly safe at 2b and yet he’s out – and why doesn’t Margot protest more?! Shit!

Going back to an old debate, Margot chased a foul ball and didn’t catch it. Worse, he might have slightly injured himself on the play. Home field advantage in MLB is knowing your dimensions, knowing where to hit the ball, knowing where, and how, to field. Unlike other sports, it’s a real advantage. An advantage doesn’t guarantee a victory – it’s just an advantage.

Crazy ground ruled double call might cost the Rays dearly.

According to what I’m hearing on the radio, the White Sox are actively, for lack of a better term, trying to prove that they don’t belong in the playoffs.

Most commentators seem to agree that it was called correctly, but even as a Red Sox fan I admit that it doesn’t feel like the right call.

If I heard right, the announcers said the rules indicate that a ball that bounces off an outfielder and into the stands is a ground rule double. So I guess that one that bounced off Canseco’s head should have been a double?