MLB 2021 Playoffs

That’s okay, Det Drebin behind the plate went ahead and spotted the White Sox five runs in the 3rd.

It was the correct call – backed up by MLB rules. Still a crap way to (possibly) lose a game – I say possibly because the Sox could still have won that game anyway.

No, because the ball was still “in flight” after hitting Canseco’s head. In flight, over the wall = home run. Today’s ball hit the ground and was therefore not in flight. Not in flight, out of bounds = 2 bases.

And contrary to common usage, it’s not a “ground rule” double. It’s straight from the rule book and doesn’t depend on ground rules (like eg Tampa’s catwalk).

I’ve given up trying to make that correction.

With any luck, Boston will get a real MLB stadium one day, instead of that mickey-mouse mess called Fenway.

I mean the rulebook double was a fluky play and bad luck for the Rays. But it really does nothing to change the fact that the next guy struck out and then Vazquez hit a 2 run homer in the bottom of the inning. So the Rays still lose by one run instead of two.

It looks like I shouldn’t have given up on the White Sox game! Today’s game has been postponed until tomorrow due to rain. Chicago baseball fans know the drill- get hopeful, get hurt!

A little further digging shows that the White Sox win was entirely the result of a wizardlike fan.

"After watching a Sox player struggle at the plate, Holt pointed his wooden cane and told the player to hit the ball into left field.
Miraculously, it worked.
A man sitting near Holt cheered him on, saying: “Oh, dude. Way to go!”
“Actually, it was utterly ridiculous,” Holt recalled.
And the rest is history.
What started as a joke quickly turned into a silly superstition of sorts.
Holt, 71, did it for the next batter, and sure enough, it worked again.
“It’s just totally ridiculous. He did” what I told him, said Holt, a Sox season-ticket holder for more than 30 years. “My son says, ‘He’s Gandalf!’ And that started the whole thing.”

Aaand the Rays are falling apart. Something about the Sox in Fenway tends to do that.

Wow, they’re stepping on the gas pedal. Keep it going, keep it going. :slight_smile:

Man the Sox are making some serious contact, batter after batter. Even the outs are scary.

So much for the Red Sox bullpen. OK, time to cowboy up.

What the fuck is with these oven mitts? Total bullshit. Slide with your hands, guys.

They’ve been commonly used for at least 3 years and are designed to prevent injury.

God, they might as well wear pink bikinis. Sissy baseball.

I think Kike ends it

So…you only watch playoff baseball? Otherwise you certainly would have seen these sissy mitts before tonight.

You think right.

And Kike did, in fact, end it.

Yeah I just recently got cable again – they don’t exactly put games on regular TV anymore.

Sissy mitts are sissy mitts. It’s disgusting what’s happening to this sport.