MLB and sunflower seeds.

The All-Star game is over, baseball can resume…Life is good. I’m watching the Cubs, and a shot of the dugout showed cases of David Sunflower Seeds. I know what they are, whey they are there…what I want to know is if there is a standard number of cases that are placed in each teams dugout before each game? Do the teams provide their own, or is that something that is the responsibility of the home team? Does David Sunflower seeds deliver to each park before each game, or do they just bring a ton to the park Opening Day?


All MLB team clubhouses (except the Minnesota Twins) receive complimentary cases of David Sunflower Seeds about four times per season. The home team stocks both dugouts. I don’t know if there is a standard number of cases in each dugout every game.

The Twins have a contract with Giant Sunflower Seeds to provide them with sunflower goodness throughout the season.

Another interesting tidbit to note, apparently there is a sunflower seed shortage this year.

Filthy heathens.