MLB: July 2021

And, Max Scherzer may be headed to San Diego.

New rumors have both Turner and Scherzer to the Dodgers

Scherzer is 37 and coming off a groin injury. He could blow his arm out at any time. Bauer is still owed 100 mil. This trade is highly risky for the Dodgers and likely a blessing for the Nats because freeing up money will help them acquire a new SS in the deep SS FA class this winter and Gray is a good SP prospect.

Kyle Schwarber to the Red Sox, finally in the AL where he can DH

Pretty sure his contract gets voided when he’s sent to prison.

Its fully guaranteed. This article indicates he can be suspended but it doesnt mention allowing his contract to be voided. I would guess the MLBPA would fight against it.

It’s a sad day for fans of the Nationals, with three of our four All-Stars being traded. Losing Trea Turner really hurts. But he was going to be a free agent after 2023, and we would have a hard time keeping him. We have got to keep Juan Soto.

I just hope some of these prospects work out.


Why did it have to be the fuckin’ DODGERS?! I could have handled the Padres. San Diego’s cool. But the Dodgers are our arch-enemy!

Do the Dodgers know that?

Three years from now the Nats will likely be seen as winning this trade o there is that.

More fire sales:

Craig Kimbrel to the White Sox
Javi Baez to the Mets
Yan Gomes/Josh Harrison to the A’s

Who the hell is gonna play in the Cubs vs Nationals tonight?

Sammy Sosa sits, looking at his phone, waiting for the call. :wink:

And, it looks like Kris Bryant is off to the Giants.

The Royals didn’t make enough moves.

And I think the Jays got a lot of great pieces, but sold their future.

In the last month, the Cubs traded away 9 players from their 26-man opening day roster (Joc Pederson, Andrew Chafin, Ryan Tepera, Anthony Rizzo, Craig Kimbrel, Javier Baez, Trevor Williams, Kris Bryant, and Jake Marisnick). They also designated antivax shithead/all-around-shitty-player Eric Sogard for assignment last week, accounting for the elimination of 38.5% of their opening day roster in the last month!

Does that leave Heyward as the only anti vaxxer left?

They have far more quality prospects remaining than they traded away. I like Austin Martin, who in addition to being a good car is a pretty solid prospect, but he’s a few years away and the Jays have a lot of good to great infielders, both in the majors and in the minors. Simeon Woods-Richardson is so far from being a major leaguer that I’m not at all upset he’s gone.

The farm system is still full of quality. I think the Hand and Berrios trades were very good.

Like what? Looks like they did almost everything they could have done.

Whit Merrifield could have gotten a big return, the Red Sox were very interested in Santana, and Barlow was sought after.

Most likely Arrieta as well.

Looks like they shopped Merrifield and didn’t get a deal they liked. Also, none of those guys are in their walk year, so no rush to trade them at the deadline. The Royals have the whole offseason and up to the 2022 trade deadline to move Santana, and longer for Merrifield and Barlow.

Soler and Duffy were both unrestricted free agents in 2022 and they got something for renting those guys out for three months.