MLB: July 2021

Baez didn’t throw his bat at anyone. He carried it most of the way down the first base line, wiggled it, and tossed it in the air.

Did he toss it up or towards the mound? I can’t see the throw in that clip. Certainly bounces towards the mound if he did just throw it up.

He threw it pretty much directly at the ground. See this clip

Yup. Seems pretty conclusive. Thanks!

Trea Turner was pulled from tonight’s game against the Phillies with a positive COVID-19 test. I wonder if this means he’s off the trading block for the Nats.

The Mariners, who are just a handful of games outside the playoffs, just traded their closer to division rival Astros. I don’t see how Toro helps improve the Mariners, but I see how losing Graveman hurts them. To add salt to the wound, they completed the trade while in the middle of a series against the Astros. How much does it suck to be a contributing member of a team and walk across to the other dugout to suit up?

Looks like Trea Turner is one of those unvaccinated idiots. Martinez danced around the issue, can’t comment on Turner’s vaccination status, but mentioned that vaccinated players aren’t getting tested.

Way to let your team down, Trea. And, I hope it’s remembered when you want the next big contract.

Fans are pissed. Players are pissed. But what’s done is done. I wish I had season tickets so I could cancel them.

Phillies/Nationals postponed because of Covid, thanks Trea Turner

Yankees finalizing a trade: 4 minor leaguers for Joey Gallo.

The analytics department determined that the Yankees hitters weren’t striking out enough.

This may not be a unique achievement until the Elias Sports Bureau weighs in, but the Twins outhomering the Tigers 7-0 and scoring 14 runs yet losing the game 17-14 is something you don’t see every day.

A shame that the Vikings Twins missed that late field goal that would have tied the game.

Scherzer is making his start today, I’m really surprised, I assume they’re not using him as an opener so when he’s traded he will have to wait his normal rest period to start for the new team.

Although the Nats have traded their closer, Brad Hand so they’re definitely in sell mode with no chance of a wild card

And Rizzo and Bryant are both out of Thursday’s game.

Day game after a night game and it’s hot and muggy here followed by 3 in hot and muggy Washington DC, a day off wouldn’t be shocking, but obviously there’s massive smoke in the trade rumors.

Yeah, the kids they brought up were playing with enthusiasm, taking extra bases, hitting for contact and all that. Nope, gotta go back to either homers or strikeouts.

Gallo leads the league in walks and has a .379 OBP.

Yankees to acquire Anthony Rizzo from the Cubs for two minor-leaguers.

Other trade news from today:

Also, Indians manager Terry Francona is stepping away from the team for the rest of the season, due to health isssues