MLB: July 2021

I would imagine one could choose not to swing for the fences. The Braves obviously were.

Someone will discover something “wrong” with “Guardians.” Weren’t slavemasters legal guardians? If not that, something else will pop up.

Wait, what’s this? White Sox vs Brewers on Sunday night baseball???

I’m sure ESPN knows they’ll be swamped in the ratings by the Olympics anyway

Well, no, actually. There will be no significant such thing.

I don’t really understand this perspective at all. There was no movement to change professional sports team nicknames just because everyone’s too sensitive and woke. There is no one, at least no one loud enough for anyone to care, demanding they change “Yankees” for being offensive to Southerners, or “Pirates” for celebrating crime, or “Padres” for celebrating the Catholic church, or “Royals” for celebrating colonialism, or “Marlins” for celebrating the overfishing of the oceans.

The reason they changed from Indians to Guardians is that “Indians” and the imagery used around it were fucking racist. “Guardians” is not. That’s all there is to it.

No. A journeyman shortstop who throws 58 should expect to get lit up pitching to major league hitters, many of whom are playing for a contract. If he chooses to get worked up over it, he’s the one crossing the line.

And I would imagine one could choose to put a real pitcher on the mound and not some shortstop whose pitching is a joke.

I mean Spiders really was the easy choice here. But I can live with Guardians. The logo is just so-so for me. I think they can do better there.

I live in Louisville, Kentucky. Home of Hillerich & Bradsby. We have the AAA team for the Cincinnati Reds.

When it came time to rename the team, it was a no-brainer that they adopt the moniker “Sluggers,” since we have the bat factory, and the team plays in Slugger Field. The powers that be instead named the team “Riverbats,” which is now shortened to Bats.

Something either referencing the Louisville Slugger bats, or even the Kentucky Derby was the obvious choice. Instead, they renamed the team to something with no connection to the city itself.

A “riverbat” isn’t even a thing. So far as I can tell there’s no such animal, anywhere. The only reference I can find using Google is that a community college in Texas uses that nickname.

Maybe Louisville Slugger demanded a bazillion dollars to use their name as the team name.

I always thought the Louisville Bats was kind of a play on Louisville Slugger bats. I never knew they were actually called the Riverbats.

Well hey, it’s trade deadline week! Where will Kris Bryant and Max Scherzer be in four days?

Me too! I had no idea it was “RiverBats”.

Wait - it was rebranded to just “Bats” in 2002. “RiverBats” lasted all of 1999-2002.

Tell that to the Amarillo Sod Poodles. Or the Binghamton Rumble Ponies.

my former minor league team was called " the jethawks" because of the rather large aerospace industry in town … and isn’t there a team called the “trash pandas” out there

some interesting teams in first place atm

Although why did my dear dodgers have to have a mini skid during the weekend they faced the giants? … i mean I know they’re going to repeat this year but … come on the giants of all people to lose too? :face_vomiting:

Crazy game in Seattle tonight, Houston choked away a 7 run lead and it’s now 11-8 Mariners

That was a wild one. After the first inning, Houston thought they’d stomp all over the Mariners, and seemed quite shocked about the turn around. (I’ll admit, I was quite shocked as well).

Yeah, it was the free MLB game of the day to watch online, friend of mine was texting me non stop about it. I was busy watching Olympics but finally had to switch over and catch the last part of the game.

The Blue Jays have blown ten games more than they’ve come back in, an astonishing differential for a high scoring team.

Honestly, if I run the team, I sell. I’d trade Semien for sure and maybe Ray if he doesn’t want to re-sign. They’re really far out of the playoffs. Most sources give them a 25% chance of making it, a number I think is too high.

The bad blood between Javy Baez and Amir Garrett got a little badder last night. Brief video in linked Tweet.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Stephen Strasburg to have season ending surgery