MLB: May 2022

MLB’s reaction here was pretty solid. Yes, it’s only one game, but any longer and Donaldson is likelier to win an appeal based on the fact that it wasn’t overtly racist - however, now there’s a disciplinary history, making it easier to really crucify him in the future if he does something bad.

Anyway, nice to se the Jays score more than three runs today. Danny Jansen continues to prove my hypothesis that he’d be really good in 2022.

I think 1 game is perfectly reasonable. Anderson himself got a one game suspension back in 2019 for calling Brad Keller the n-word, so that’s a pretty good benchmark.

Rumor has it that the Yankees will trade for Willson Contreras this season.

It’s a Jim Bowden prediction; so there’s only a 3 percent chance of it coming true.

The New York Yankees are using their social media tonight to comment on gun violence.

Yanks scored 7 without a single homer.
Cortes gave up just 1 run in an 8 inning performance. He’s up to 4-1 with a 1.70 ERA. & a .85 WHIP.

Weird quirk in scheduling, the White Sox and Cubs are off today and then have a 2 game series for Saturday and Sunday at Comiskey.

Last night Trevor Story hit his 7th home run in 7 games (a three-run shot), bringing his RBI total for the season to 37 (32 this month so far).

Worries :smiley: about him not hitting outside of Colorado may have been premature.

Man, Alek Manoah is something else. Best young Blue Jay pitcher since Halladay.

The Mets came from behind AGAIN last night!

And even better, a new guy just up from the minors hit his first big league homer to tie it. I love when young players do well. And it was off the Phillies ace reliever too.

It’s feeling a little like '86 again. I can only hope they overcome their pitching injuries.

Last night’s score was Toronto 11, Anaheim 10.

The game featured all the pitching and defensive excellence you’d expect from that score. The Angels allowed THREE runs on bases loaded walks. Their starting pitcher gave up six runs in three innings, but he actually outdueled Toronto’s starter. The winning pitcher pitched as badly as the losing pitcher. Each team was charged with just one error but there were a wide variety of mental misplays.

A fun series between the Rockies and Nationals. You would have thought it was being played at Coors Field with all the scoring.

If they can beat the Mets tonight, they’ll be at 19-31, which, of course, is exactly where we want them to be.

Almost two months into the season, and Brewers closer Josh Hader still has an ERA of 0.00. He got the save in Milwaukee’s win over the Cubs this afternoon, is 17 out of 17 in save opportunities so far, and has only given up three hits in 15 2/3 innings. Nice start to the year.

Make that 18 out of 18, and still at 0.00 ERA; he picked up saves in both ends of the day-night doubleheader, with a 1-2-3 9th inning in the nightcap.

Mets and Yankees are both at home, not sure how often that happens. The Cubs and White Sox almost never have simultaneous home games.

wow looks like this year’s NLCS is going to be the Dodgers vs either Milwaukee or the Mets … barring the usual reasons for a midseason collapse or someone gets real lucky

Given that six teams makes the playoffs in each league now, it’s pretty chancy to guess the matchup now.

true im just going by todays standings but I see the mets having no problems winning their division …

10.5 game lead for the Mets. But now coming to 10 games on the road agaist the 3 other best teams in the NL, and 3 against the Angels, still a pretty good team. And without DeGrom and Scherzer.

Worst case. Mets go 5-8, Braves could go 10-3. Mets still have 5.5 game lead with an easy schedule until the break

Past years, I would say they’ll blow it somehow. This year feels different.