MLB Playoffs 2018: Who Wins It All?

I say either Houston or Boston…but what the hell do I know?

I sense the Brewers will come out of the NL. They do seem to lack top of the line starting pitching compared to the other NL playoff teams while their defense, hitting, and bullpen look solid. It’s unfortunate Jimmy Nelson is still on the shelf after hurting his shoulder running the bases 12 months ago. Tied with CHC now, we’ll see what happens Sunday and Game #163 at Wrigley if necessary.

The AL is going to be a goddamn bloodbath this year. I don’t normally follow the playoffs super closely unless I have a team involved, but I might watch the AL because we haven’t had this kind of quality before. Three hundred win teams, an excellent Cleveland team and the upstart A’s?

As long as the Dodgers lose I will be happy with the outcome of the NL.

Boston beats Milwaukee

Yanks will win it all. Why? Why Not!

If I had to bet fifty bucks on anyone, Houston, with Boston a whisker behind.

Cleveland vs. Milwaukee in the Series, with the Brewers taking game 7 when Cody Allen relieves and blows a 5-run lead in the 9th inning.

If I were betting, Houston. Otherwise, Yankees over the Cubs in a seven game classic.

I’'d go this way:

If LA Wins NL West:

Houston - 18 percent
Boston - 17 percent
Winner of NL Central (Chicago or Milwaukee) - 14 percent
Los Angeles - 13 Percent
Atlanta - 9 percent
Cleveland - 7 percent
New York - 7 percent
Oakland - 6 percent
Loser of NL Central - 5 percent
Colorado - 4 percent

If Colorado wins the NL West, make them 10, and LA 7.

Cubs. Cubs all the way.

I like Houston’s chances, but Boston’s not far behind. The winner of the AL is probably going to embarrass the NL winner.

Cleveland beat up on its division, which was shit.

That said, it’s not 2 years removed from nearly winning an epic game 7 of the world series. They’re still legit.

I’m a Cards fan, and we’ve always had fun working the Brewers when it counts the most, but honestly, they worked us good in the most important series of the year, so they got some payback. I wouldn’t mind seeing Milwaukee win it all. I know it’s a long shot, but I’d like to see it.

I’d like to see Milwaukee and MY MAN GIO win, too.

Gotta agree with this. The Cubs have a tie with Milwaukee for the NL and while they’ve played some good ball, this season they can honestly be described as struggling.

What this man (woman? You’re all 12 point Arial to me…) said.

Boston beats Houston in 6; Milwaukee, I’m not that sure about, but let’s say they beat Colorado in 7.

I just don’t see Houston having the hitting to carry it this year, though their pitching is just disgustingly filthy. Would be more filthy if they left Keuchel, and kept Valdez, but I completely understand why they wouldn’t, even though Keuchel’s going to leave them after this year. Embarrassment of riches in pitching. Not so much in hitting, and I therefore expect quite a few Astros to go under the knife this off-season.

I think there will be lots of panic in Boston if Houston makes it to them (never mind the chances that Boston doesn’t make it past New York, or, less likely, Oakland.), and Houston plays great on the road and takes either one of two or both of them. Already anticipating the Bill Simmons podcasts of doom.

The NL situation is flatly bizarre. It’s exactly like it was written upthread: the College World Series brought to MLB. I still like Milwaukee, but I couldn’t tell you confidently why.

Edit: Oh, and Boston in 5. It’s their year.

You had better hope and pray that Gio doesn’t get a start in a critical Game 6 or 7…

(signed) longtime Nats fan.

I sure hope you’re right, but they’ll really need their starting pitchers to shut down the other teams. The Cubs’ offense only decides to show up for about 50% of their games.

Which team has the best record, posted the lady from BOSTON!

Of course, in the last 48 years, the team with the best record in baseball has won the World Series just 12 times.