MLK Jr. Day

This is the first year my company has added MLK Day to the roster of holidays we’re allowed. Previously it was New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (and Friday), and Christmas Day.

So this morning I log in at 7:30, as normal. I’m working away and I try to IM someone with a question. No response. In fact, it seems like I’m the only person diligently working. Turns out, MLK Day is today, and I put in a solid couple hours before I realized it. Doofus.


The company was counting on this (snicker). Actually, I’m sure that several of your co-workers did the same.

I consulted for a company that gave the folks the day off but also provided everyone with links to info about MLK Jr. Day activities. They requested that everyone in the company take some time during the day to attend an event or read about the Civil Rights movement and what MLK Jr. was about. Thoughtful of them.

My company also sent out a list of MLK Day activities and suggested people participate. I honestly doubt they counted on people working - the company is very strict about people not working off the clock, work/life balance, etc.


My last job we got paid for it, but almost everyone had to work it. Even those departments that would have had nothing to do would use it as a continuing education day.