Mmm... drag kings...

At the coersion of several close friends (okay, I kind of wanted to anyway) I have joined my school’s fledgling drag king group.

My drag name is **Miles O’Toole, ** and I think it suits me quite well. (Kudos to Renegade Librarian, who came up with it.)

Anyone else do drag at all? Know any good drag names?

Our first performance is in May. Oh yeah.:cool:

I got so excited when I read the subject line!

I am in fact the founder of my school’s annual drag king pageant, now in its second year. Our big show is next Friday.

My persona last year was a paramilitary goon named Dirk “Stealth” Bomber. This year I am a suave European nobleman named – what else? – Count Dragula. (Photos available upon request.)

What sort of show are you going to do? Is it going to be a big lip sync thing? Ours is in beauty pageant format, with Q&A, feats of manly strength, and a pickup line competition. And THEN we do the lip sync. :slight_smile:

Wow. Today was the first day I’d heard of the concept of “drag kings.” And the other mention was in the paper of the school I’m going to… So be careful, because the article was about how Webster’s traditional drag festival may be in jeopardy…

Article about the drag ball itself

And the controversy… “Drag kings asked to leave following their performance”

Of course, one wonders what security was doing tasting the mysterious white powder to make sure it was cocaine. At any rate, no drugs and I’m sure you’ll do fine. Good luck!

Well, I only did drag once, and it was kind of a joke (a leather makeover, voted on by 200+ others), but my name was Creamy Italian. Yes, I know it’s disgusting, but also hilarious.

Photos! Photos! :smiley:

What Dao said, Lamia. :smiley:

I’m not quite sure yet as to what we will be doing in our performance- that pickup line thing sounds like a great idea. There’s nine of us that are in it so far, and we’re just getting together and getting ideas. Good stuff.

But as soon as we get pictures taken and stuff, I will happily post 'em.

Uh… I am guessing a dragking is a women dressing as a man?

Kinda like Diane Keaton in a Woody Allen flick?

I would dress up as a man—straw hat, little paste-on moustache, Edwardian morning suit and all—but it would be too Victor/Victoria.

I would look fetching as a “Girl Hero” (that’s what “drag kings” were originally called), though, twirling my walking stick and singing “I’m Gilbert the Filbert, the Colonel of the Knuts.”

Awesome name. I suppose if a woman is going to dress like a man, she might as well dress up like a man with a big dick. :wink:

I’ve put up a couple of my fabulous drag photos here:

Quite the stud, aren’t I? :smiley:

Well, she’s certainly no Lamia, but here’s a photo of Vesta Tilley, probably the most famous “drag king” in theatrical history:

Woohoo!!! I’ve done lighting for a lot of drag king shows in the DC area…

Some famous (and not-so-famous)kings: Mo B. Dick, Dred, King Ken, Hunter…

Go andygirl! Drag kinging looks like tons of fun…I’m a little too shy to do it, but I’ve seen lots of backstage preparation (our hostess, missbaby, calls herself a “female-to-female transvestite”—she’s a femme dyke who dresses as a drag queen)

Ooohhh, Lamia… I really like the Count Dragula pics.

I mean, I really, really like them. :wink:

Aw, shucks. :o

I am pretty proud of the Count. My previous alter ego, Dirk, was very convincing, but also very creepy. Friends told me they’d cross the street to avoid any real man who looked like him; one said, “He’s the kind of guy who makes me want to chain my legs together!” So I thought this year I’d try for someone a little more appealing. I think I was fairly successful…my (straight) hallmate who took the photos said I was “disturbingly sexy”. :cool:

Oh yeah. I didn’t think Lamia was so damned sexy. :eek:

I’d like to do this too, but there’s nowhere to do it and I don’t really know how to dress.

That slight sound in the far-off yonder is me wolf whistling…



booklover, I’ve seen Dred and Hunter perform. They’re both really good.

This year at the drag ball (alas, I was in France) we had the Chicago Kings perform, and I’m told they were excellent. And hot.

I’m glad it was changed to “Drag King,” Eve. “Girl Hero” just seems to imply… well, lots of spandex.

Thanks, y’all. :slight_smile: I really appreciate the compliments – I’ve had a lot of last minute problems come up with the drag show (people getting cold feet, technical difficulties with the sound system, etc.) and was in such a low mood yesterday that I seriously considered just cancelling the whole thing. But heck, if chicks are gonna think I’m sexy then it’ll all be worthwhile!

Daowajan, figuring out how to dress is actually pretty easy. You just think of some (stero)type of guy and do your best to imitate. Finding a place to be a drag king is more difficult. While practically everyone has at least heard of drag queens the idea of a drag king is foreign to most people. When I started the drag show here I had people ask me how you could have a drag show with all girls, or if we were going to dress up like drag queens ourselves, or even if I had invented the idea of drag kings! Like I’m that clever!

If you’re really interested, once you’re in Madison you could suggest a student drag show, or find out if there’s already a drag queen show that could be expanded to include drag kings. I know one of the area gay bars had a drag king show a couple of years ago (my friend’s mom organized it), but I don’t know if it was a one-time event or what.