Best drag queen names

This topic came to mind after reading the “best rock & roll names” thread. Just looking down the campy adopted aliases (“Siouxsie Sioux” for example) put me in mind of drag queen names.

Famous or Semi-famous Drag names:
Amanda (“A man, duh!”)
Candy Darling a.k.a. Candy Warhol
Lady Bunny
Robin Kradles
the Lady Chablis

Drag names of not-very-famous-at-all ‘queens’:
Chlamydia Burns
Penny Arcade
Lotta Balls
La Hottotrotta
Chisa Chu (“She’s a Jew!”)
Gonnhor Rita
What’s the best drag names (by famous folks, or just names you’ve heard) YOU know?

Harvey Feirstein’s drag names included Virginia Hamm, Bertha Venation and (my personal favorite) Bang-Bang la Desh
Alexis Arquette’s drag persona is Eva Destruction

The most controversial drag queen is the cross-dressing and cross-racial Shirley Q. Liquor (she has some very enthusiastic black fans [including RuPaul and Whoopi Goldberg] but has infuriated others- several of her appearances have been picketed, some even cancelled)

Various names I’ve heard:

Sallie Mae Veil
Raya Light
Boom Boom Towns

If I ever do drag I’ll be Auntie Depressance.

Oh, and of course who could forget Miss Coco Peru (*“It buuuuuuuuuuurns!”) or the entire cast of the tasteless and budgetless but feckin’ hilarious Girls Will Be Girls (An abortion? Puh-leez! I’ve had more kids pulled out of me than a burning orphanage!".)

Now I simply have to see the film Girls Will Be Girls - I don’t suppose it is showing on Sundance or IFC channels? And I doubt my local video store will be carrying it…looks like I am off to Amazon dot com.

I knew a guy who entered a drag beauty contest as the contestant from Las Vegas, Miss Penny Slots.

There is a drag name generator here.

I was lucky enough to see Lypsinka and Flotilla de Barge in Imitation of Imitation of Life a couple of years ago.

Netflix has it.

Mine is Ms. Pussy Golitely.

Hah! My drag name is “Connie Lingus.”

I once saw a newspaper interview with one Ms. Helvetica Bold.

According to the drag name generator, I would be Mama Mammaries. I demand a do-over on that one.

There’s one here in the Phoenix area who goes by Nova Gyna.

Magnolia Thunderpussy.

Oh, and a friend of mine briefly went by Maxie Padsie.

Another “brava!” for the indie flick Girls Will Be Girls.

The drag name generator calls me “Ursula Uranus”. Ick. How about “Apara Falsies” instead?

Infra Red used to hang out with Andy Whorol, if I recall correctly.

Oh! How about Amanda Hugenkiss?

Some of the FABULOUS queens who’ve traipsed through San Fran:

Anita Martini
Landa Lakes
Helena Handbasket
Dee Vorce (“but my friends call me Sue the Bastard”)
Suppositori Spelling
Wilma Fingerdoo
Visa DeKlein
Lois Commondenominator
Jen Derless
Rachel Tension
Sharon Needles

(and most of these I ripped from a friend of mine, Trauma Flintstone…)

I think my favourite drag name ever is Wyness Mongrel-Bitch, a Sydney drag queen.

My favourite drag king name is Sexy Galexy, another Sydney favourite.

A couple of friends of mine have Monique Depressive and Constance Cravings as their drag names.

I am, apparently, Zha Zha LaHore.

How about Patty O’Furniture?

Making 'em up as we go along:

Farah Moans
Sally Schuss
Crimea River
Lube Ricious
Rhoda Noware
La-Bo Hemm
Trixafur Kids
Wanda Bra
Mary Poppins-Loos
Gee, this is fun!