Mmmmm, Girl Guide cookies...

It’s Chocolate Mint Girl Guide cookie time!

They are so yummy, and minty and good. Made with realy Girl Guides!

I’ve eaten, like 12.

I’m guessing that Girl Guide Cookies pretty much equal what are called Girl Scout Cookies stateside. I want some. Bad. I like the thin mint type best, followed by the chocolate-peanut butter kind, but any kind will do. Sadly, our cookie season happens around February. Long time to wait. :frowning:

Aaagh I miss Girl Guide cookies from home. Can’t get them here, of course. BUT! We found some cookies (shaped like dogs and cats) that Jimmy loves, which taste just like the vanilla ones from home.

I’ve got my order in for five boxes. Or, as they are known in our house, five servings. :smiley:

I just learned something important this week - the chocolate mint cookies are exactly like the chocolate mint York cookies that Safeway has year round.

Things work out quite well for the Mr. and I - he eats the chocolate, I eat the vanilla. :slight_smile:

Send me some! Waaaaaaaah!

US Girl Scout cookies are really good, as far as cookies go (I don’t usually eat them) but they’re not the same.

You’ll have to wait until spring for the vanilla ones. However, if I have my parcel mailing shit together then I’ll totally send you a box. You should remind me though. Like, 5 times. My parcel mailing shit tends to be pretty loose, ya know?

I highly recommend freezing them. They’re even yummier. They don’t last any longer, though.

I haven’t seen a Girl Guide Cookie seller in years. :frowning:

I shall have to go GG hunting…

These are NZ Girl Guide Biscuits, the ones I remember (and I miss them - I haven’t had any since moving to Australia - though apparently they do have them here).

I like Girl Scout cookies as much as the next person, but I sometimes wonder where the profit goes. I’d never pay that price for cookies in the supermarket. How much actually goes to the Girl Scouts? For that matter, what exactly do Girl Scouts do, besides sell cookies? I know that Boy Scouts get “merit badges,” (and eschew gays), but I’m curious what goes on at a Girl Scout meeting…

They also have mini biscuits now, choc coated on one side with fun pictures on the other. They are small enough to fool you into thinking you’re not really eating that much - and then the packet’s empty. You and the kid exchange looks of recrimination, both certain the other has hidden a stash somewhere. No, all the mini choc bikkies are in your tummies. You will be caught between horror that you have so blatantly scoffed the lot - and wondering if you should open the other packet for just one more.

We sold them the year maggenkid was a Brownie (Type of pixie for the curious, beginner girl guides.) If we miss them door-to-door, they set up stalls at our local shops:D


They do if you suck them.

I was a Girl Scout for a while when I was younger, then ended up stopping because our troop leader stepped down and nobody’s mom wanted to replace her. Back then (late 1980s/early 1990s), we earned merit badges, performed community service, went camping, and sold cookies to earn money to go on field trips to learn about different things.

Here’s a “Then vs. Now” PDF on some of the merit badges that have changed over time; you can find this and more on their “Who We Are” section of their website.

we had a sidewalk sale on my street today. i lured in customers with thin mints. they were shocked that i had some.

i buy a case and put them in my tupperware tub to have thin mint (and other varieties) goodness all year long.

The Thin Mints are overrated. The best Girl Scout cookies are the Samoans with the caramel and coconut.

I love the Samoans, as well as the peanut butter and chocolate ones.

Last year, I found some Samoan ice cream (caramel ice cream with fudge and pieces of Samoa cookies) at the grocery store. Freaking yum.