Mmmmm, that's good Communism!

Strolling through the local Ballard Market today, looking for something sophisticated to drink with my caprese salad (I settled on a Frostie Blue Cream Soda, natch), I stumbled upon… well, this.


What is this? Who are these people? And most importantly… does it taste good?

I laughed all the way home. Everytime I think of it, and that logo, I start all over again. Anyone try this stuff?

[paraphrasing Mitch Hedberg]By the way, you don’t have to be Leninist and holding a communist view to enjoy a Leninade. You could just be a thirsty dude. Leninade forgets about this demographic. I’m thirsty for absolutely no reason. Other than the fact that liquid has not touched my lips for some time. Can I have a Leninade too, or does that Lenin head mean “No”? [/PMH]

Jones Soda Co. has that blue berry lemonade. That’s real tasty. Real sweet, too.

I’d assume that this brand of tasty Communism tastes likes borcht mixed with a berry kick.

Or just lemonade. I want some, in any case.

It was orange, oddly enough. It didn’t look lemony at all… citrusy, though, so maybe there was some lemon in it.

I* love * Jones Soda, and nearly grabbed their blue cream soda, but I’ve never had Frostie before, so I gave it a whirl. I just wasn’t brave enough for the Leninade today.

Well, I would expect it to be a bit on the orange side. All the “red” content, y’know.


Of course.

Do they make a Pink(o) version as well?

I’ll buy that! Do you suppose it’s the new “opiate of the people”?

I’m responding too often to my own thread as it is, but I couldn’t let this go by - I think I peed myself laughing. Just a little bit. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it in the first place. :smiley:

Pinko Leninade. So simple, so brilliant!

I haven’t tried it, but I bought it as part of a selection of odd-ball sodas for the pool in our [thread=365221]office non-gambling “3-Coin Psycho-Statistical Experiemental Research Program”[/thread]. One guy who selected it–strictly on the basis of having a conversation piece for his office–said that it tasted “…sugary.” Clearly, it’s not the taste sensation of the decade, but how can you resist a bottle which so humorously depicts a brutal despot responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people. I’m sure Stalin Soda, Mao Tse Gingko Beer, and Guevara Juice will be marketed in good time.

How was the Frostie Cream Soda, by the way? I bought two bottles but nobody has yet had the guts to try something that looks like antifreeze. The word, by the way, is that Gatorade Rain tastes, and I quote, “like ass.”

Anyway, the Leninade bottle does make a great conversation piece, especially in an office where virtually everybody holds a security clearence. :wink: Don’t even get me started about Yuri the Chekist Security Monkey.

No, we don’t use the paper shredder in the secure lab to make crushed ice for our margaritas, but I’ll take it under advisement.


It tastes like cream soda. In other words: “…sugary.” :wink:

I’m a big fan of drinking oddly-coloured beverages. I love green cream soda. My father is a firm believer in not consuming anything blue. “It’s unnatural,” he says. “That’s why it’s so good!” says I.

I’ll have to brave that Leninade sometime soon.

Magic Hat brewery makes a commie beer.

Mother Lager, I think it’s called.

Is it blueberr or raspberry flavored cream soda? The BP down the street from me used to carry Nehi Blue Cream Soda and it was the TASTIEST thing ever.

The Frostie stuff? Nah, just tasted like regular old cream soda. Raspberry or blueberry cream soda would be awesome, though. I’ll have to see if this Nehi stuff is still in existence, sounds heavenly.

And capitalist. :smiley:

I don’t know if it still exists-it’s HARD to find. I did a search, and while it’s mentioned, most places only sell grape, orange, and peach Nehi. Peach is good, but it’s not blue cream.

In Ballard, huh, I would expect it from Fremont.
Ballard isn’t the strangest neighborhood in Seattle.

Holy cow, how could I forget about the Lenin statue in Fremont?

Quite a place, that Centre of the Universe, innit? :smiley: Trolls under bridges, Rapunzel on top of bridges, statues of Lenin…

Fremont always makes me laugh. I couldn’t live there because I’d laugh myself silly.

I could invent a drink when I get back home: the ‘Curtis LeMai-Tai’–“guaranteed to obliterate any hangover you have back into the stone age”.

Shoot, I think I will. :smiley:

In Soviet Russia…

…nah, just can’t do it. I wonder what kind of vodka you’d mix Pink Leninade with?

Leninade sounds great for hot summer days, but if you want something to warm you up in the wintertime, this should do the trick.