Mmmmmm..... Guilty Pleasures

Oh, my. It’s autumn in New England, and that can only mean one thing:

Little cider doughnuts at the local apple orchard. Piping hot right out of the cooker. The aroma floats out of the sales barn into the rain-misty parking area. Mmmmmmm…


I ate the first one in line for the cash register. Ate the second one on the short drive home. Now the third one, still warm, is about to be devoured along with a cup of Constant Comment tea.

Still got three more of the half-dozen in the bag, ready to pop in the microwave and reheat.


So… what’s your guilty gustatory pleasure?

I just had some kipper fillets on rye crackers with Philly garden vegetable cream cheese. I only do this when I know no one will be around to suffer the fishy smell…

I also like popcorn with butter, nutritional yeast, salt, and Hot Tamales (the candy). Mmmmm…

Get whole milk, sugar, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream. Mix them together and eat chilled.

A bowl of sour cream/onion dip, and a big bag of Doritos. “Tell the warden I’m ready, I can die a happy man.”

Oh, Lordy, doesn’t that bring back memories of a similar obsession (no replaced with a chocolate jones), except that instead of the dip, it was fresh-made guacamole, heavy on the garlic. But it had to be Doritos – regular corn chips just weren’t the same.

Doritos… MMMMMMMMMM… :smiley:

Doritos and sour cream, especially the extra cheesey ones.
I won’t even mention Bakenette pork rinds.

Fast food tacos. Thank goodness Del Taco has 3-for-a-buck Tuesdays.
Gotta use Taco Bell sauce on ‘em though, man’s gotta have ::cough:: standards, ya’ know.

Home made chicken fried steak.
One’s on my counter ready to be fried right now!

Double yolk eggs.
Cholesterol heaven!

Vienna sausages.
Mystery meat in a can!

Rapa® brand scrapple, sliced about 3/8" or 1/2" thick, pan fried to crispy on both sides, served with ketchup. Add home fries or grits, and a side of rye toast, and that’s a breakfast to live for.

Yummmmm. :smiley:

Cheesecake. Nearly any kind. I have a client who bakes me a chocolate cheesecake every year for Christmas. Mmmmm. Makes the mouth water.

Doritos with homemade cheese dip.

Popcorn with butter and junior mints.


Chocolate fondue.

Seafood, especially shellfish.

Hazelnut anything.

Chai tea, made to a secret recipe must find ex and make him give up recipe

Antipasto, as canned by the ladies in my family for nigh on 10 years.

That is, if you survive.

Shouldn’t there be some equivalent to Godwinizing a thread when any mention of scrapple is made?

Macadamia nuts. Stuffed artichokes dripping with butter. Nutella on anything.

On PMS days, Ruffles potato chips dipped in hot fudge.

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and sometimes chocolate sprinkles. Well, it’s not really a guilty pleasure in that I don’t feel guilty eating it, but I very well should.

Cheesecake, esp. those of the baked New York variety.

Pickled onions with aged chedder (obviously not with the cheesecake)

Scallops in garlic butter. Oh and toasted cheese sammies or bacon sammies (yes I’m a peasant).

Queso dip.

By the pound.

German Chocolate Cake!! With really cold buttermilk!!

Southern Pecan Pie!!

Deep Dish Peach Cobbler!!

Does it have to be food? [wink, wink]

Grilled chicken on a flour tortilla with guacamole. Oh my god, it’s so good! The chicken isn’t even necessary, I just use it to justify eating large amounts of guacamole.

Dipping an expensive dark chocolate bar into a jar of peanut butter. Screw Reeses peanut butter cups!

Bagna cauda, like Mr. Garibaldi made, and his father before him!

Garlic, olive oil, butter and anchovies, it doesn’t get any better. And you can stave off the guilt by all the crisp fresh veggies that you dip in it.

Hot wings with ranch dressing

Chocolate covered strawberries

And cereal of any kind