I am not a hardcore MMORPG player though I have played Anarchy Online, EQ, and DoaC and now I have given the new ps2 EQ a shot.

In all of these games I like to play the healer class, whatever it may be, because I like to do more than just swing my club or shoot fireballs.

Well, as many MMORPG players know healers are very much in demand for grouping. Even more so on fresh servers or new games because no one is really strong enough to go off on their own.

So in the new PS2 game, which looks and sounds like crap, I chose a dwarf cleric to start with. I go out on my own and lvl up to about 7 then people start hamering me down to be in thier groups. This is fie with me. But…

After 6 HOURS of playing in groups I got to loot 5 MOBS!! In 6 HOURS! You see, apparently the rule in these games is if you aren’t standing next to the dead mob before it hits the ground it means that you don’t get any loot. Since I am healing people I stand back from the action and when the mobs go down these tanks all grabeverything. I have said repeatedly that I want to loot too, but it is ignored for the most part. The only loot I got today was shit for my quests. There were a couple guys trying to throw me bones when I would bitch by trying to give my rusty-this or torn-that to tide me over.

I dont know why I am suprised by this. But it still pisses me off. I am going to just start letting fuckers die when they dont listen. Sure I get alot of exp, but I want to be able to by some armor that does not have net or tattered in the title.

For those wondering, this game is barely mediocre. I am not a PC EQ nut, but it is better than the ps2 one by far. The graphics, interface, and controls are shit. There is no, and I mean zero, music when you are not fighting. And there is barely any ambient sound in the game. I have to check my tv regularly to make sure I havent muted it by accident, and I am not joking about that. I will play it for a couple months tjust because it is nice to sit on my bed instead of at my desk to play these types of games.


Screw you guys, I’m going home…

I’d say that’s more a result of your group members being inconsiderate assholes than any unspoken ‘rule’. Clerics and other healers are highly useful, and if there’s a bunch of groups eager to take you in, you ought to let them know that you expect some sort of recompense. It’s just bad form to bring you in and then treat you like a tool.

Well on the cash front theres no auto split for the money?

And unless its a quest item ot a nice weapon or a spell igredient theres not much of a point for looting the animals monsters ect in eq unless ya desperate for cash …

Oh and a side note eq adventures isnt eq 2 more like eq 1.5 eq two wont be out for another year at least …

But being a healer takes more patience and people skills than i have … im usually a shadow knight and having to group with people bugs me

Just wait until your spells start to use components… I think it’s around the 40s that you start using Peridots to cast symbols on people. At 10pp a shot, you’ll really be bitching when you don’t get any loot.

When you group up, ask what loot rules are. If there are none, ask for alpha loot or something similar (loot until gem/X type of weapon), or disband.

And yeah, I’m surprised that they don’t at least have autosplit for coin loot in EQ for PS2.

When you , and everyone else around you, is just starting out everyone needs to loot the shitty stuff. There is no twinking going on. The game has only been running a few days.

As far as auto split of coin, yes it is here, but when 2 out of 5 mobs drop money and only 4 coins or so at a time, you end up not getting shit.

Healers are always in demand and you’ll always have the ability to walk away from a lame group without fear of not being to find another group.

Then you can laugh when, two hours later, they’re still /shouting for a healer.

Damn straight! I was a level 57 cleric on EverQuest until I quit. Healers all the way!

Screw em! When the Uberlooter goes for the stuff, stop healing him. I used to have a macro “Bono jingles his donation cup” You could really be an ass that way, and they get thr point when they almost die.

Like you said healers are few and far between, so you make the loot rules, and if they don’t like it, you can always find a new group.

Other RPGs handled this better. Anarchy Online had (at the last time I played, over a year ago) three different looting options for groups - you had alphabetical loot order, where each kill was assigned evenly to one of the party members, you had a ‘first come/first serve’ type looting option, and you had ‘Leader Only’.

In Anarchy Online, Doctors were in high demand, and if a group was going hunting in the wilderness (which really pays off in experience but not so hot on the loot) they would allow the Doctor to be the leader of the group and give him the loot rights on all kills, that way he could make enough to pay his expenses and even a little extra (though in Anarchy Online you don’t go hunting for gear, you take random missions that give gear as a reward for completing them).