Moderately peeved

I don’t know if this place has the sense of humor it used to. It seems that in every thread somebody is getting indignant over some perceived slight.

I think the problem is that everybody now belongs to a soicietal subgroup of some kind. I mean nowadays you say “Jai-alai sucks,” and a member of the Jewish Lesbian Handicapped Jai-alai players of America is going to berate you because you see, not all Jai-alai players suck, especially not the Lesbians, and then you’re a bigot.

What happened to people?

And then there’s the people who are just pissed off at everything.

Then there’s this guy that beat me in the Club Championship tennis finals today. I hate him.

It took me four hours to mow the lawn yesterday. Between that and tennis I got a bad sunburn on the back of my neck. It took so long because the belt is overstretched and kept coming off.

I washed my car Friday at Lunch and then it rained.

They are remodeling the offense and they did some painting and the fumes gave me a headache.

My wife is a lousy cook. I eat too much McDonalds, and it stinks because they take the meat out of a drawer.

You. What the hell are you doing? Why would you bother to read a thread titled “moderately peeved?” Why are you bothering to read this far? What’s wrong with you.

Anna Kournikova lost yesterday. That sucks.

Because I didn’t change my underwear after playing tennis, and instead sat around and drank beer (the buzz is gone and now I have a headache,) anyway, the sweaty underway have given me athlete’s testicle, and it chafes to walk with this rash.

Dove season is now open. Everybody grab your shotgun, and let’s blow away those vicious doves before they get the children. I mean WTF? There’s no meat at all on the things, so why? Living skeet, that’s why.

Right now my wife is trying on clothes and asking me which look better so she can decide what to wear tomorrow. We’re not even going anywhere.


Funny, your little wise-ass remark about the doves. Well maybe you would not be laughing if you only knew what the little bastards did…

to me, my family, my life.

The bastards.

Horrible, evil doves. :wink:

On Iron Chef yesterday, one of the iron chef’s actually made Cod roe ice-cream, and then shaped it like a bunny using fried fish skins for ears. Mmmmmm.

That was some sick shit man! Who the fuck are you to say Mmmm? Being a card carring member of the national VRFBL(Voting Rights For Bunnies Leauge) I cant see the humor in shaping discusting shit into a cute little rabbit. If rabbits had the voting power they deserve you wouldnt see that kind of shit.

Damn, [d]Scylla**, what jumped up your ass and died?

There you go! You sexist pig, implying that women are obsessed with clothes and can’t make up our minds…I’d smack you, but I’m wearing a new blouse, and I can’t decide whether to hit you with my right hand or left…


ROTFLMAO! Maybe I’m a sick bastard, but thats funny!

If no one hunted doves, how would they make the soap?:rolleyes:

Damn, Scylla, what jumped up your ass and died?[\quote]

A Cod roe Icecream Bunny rabbit… obviously…

Obviously… :smiley:

You hurt my feelings. I have a sense of humor.
Well, moderate sense of humor.

OK!OK! You beat it out of me! I’m a grouch. I hope you’re happy.
Now I have wounds to lick, if you don’t mind.

How do you think they make Dove Bars?


My brother’s getting married this next week. I’m the best man and I can’t think of a good toast.

scylla, you worry me. Chill out. Take a deep breath, and relase it slowly. Then take a vacation. Not one of those already put together things travel agencies sell, but something frivolous you’ve wanted to do for years. Eat ice cream and cookies. Smile and wave at babies. Enjoy life.

How can I enjoy myself in a world that makes fish ice cream into the shape of little bunnies?

That blows away doves with shotguns for fun? Isn’t that UNICEFS symbol, or something?

That allows marauding Amish to roam the countryside unchallenged? (don’t get me started on this, trust me.)

Nobody understands me or apreciates me for what I am.

Time was when being an asshole had a certain cache attached to it. It had respectability. Now, all the amateur assholes have ruined the profession and true artisans like myself go unnoticed.

Woe is me.

:Rends garments, pulls hair, other histrionics:

Now, now, don’t take on so, dear. :::pats Scylla’s back, resolutely ignores testicular chafe:::

You’re a fine crosswise, contrarian asshole; a stubborn, free-thinking rowdy, but face it: competition is tough nowadays. Blasting doves and hating Amish still has cachet, but in a world of televised fish egg ice cream shaped like bunnies? (See the one where the Iron Chef disemboweled the live eel?)

We’re helping you with the wedding toast, so go get a nice BigMac, have another beer and don’t have a hissy fit.

P.S. Try corn starch for the other problem.

What, do you live in a football team? I wouldn’t dare try and paint an offense. They scare me.

I hate people that nitpick typos.

And did you see that the Iron Chef tasters hated the cod ice cream (it was worse than that, BTW - it was cod testes ice cream)? I’ve never heard the tasters be so outright critical. They actually said it was disgusting. Except in Japanese.