Ive got another complaint, may I be permitted to ask it?

It concerns a thread of mine titled “Is this a stupid question?” in GD. This thread has been closed and yet I was trying to ask a genuine question ie: at what point does a question become an unreasonable one?

Are all questions equally valid? If not, what are the criteria for deciding that a question has crossed the boundary into “stupid” territory?

These were the kind of issues I was hoping to open up and therefore, I would say, a valid topic of conversation in GD. Wouldnt you agree?

I apologise if my style of putting this question in some way offended you but, I assure you, no offence was intended.


It’s you again.


If you have to ask it was a stupid question. In fact, dingleberry, there was no question.

Ugh, why did I reply to this I suddenly feel dirty.

I guess we can’t stop you, as here I am looking at it.

Maybe you should have actually posted that then instead of your OP consisting wholly of “?” You started no debate, you presented no issue or topic of conversation (and therefore took no side in the debate), and nobody knew what the hell you were getting at. A debate is two sides of an argument having a discussion, not some dingleberry posting punctuation and leaving everyone else to devine the meaning thereof.

In GD, the OP should state what you plan to debate and your side of it. At best, the idea you put forth here, seems like it belongs in IMHO, the place for not-so-great-debates.

How many times does one need to recommend you read the forum descriptions before you get around to actually doing so?

Maybe if you had voiced your thoughts on the matter in the OP instead of here, you wouldn’t look like such an ass. You said nothing (literally) in your OP to suggest you had a point to make at all. GD is not the place for games. If you have something to say, it it outright.

And it still sounds more like IMHO material, but that’s just MHO.

Of course I doubt you’re going to learn from this either.

Doesn’t anyone use e-mail anymore?

I’m not trying to be flippant. Oh hell, I’m trying to be flippant.

Christ, e-mail the damn moderators already. I’ve done it. They respond. They like me, they really really like me.
You’ll probably get a faster and more friendly response than you’re getting here.

Here are two actual questions for xan:

[list=1][li]How long before you get your wish and are banned? Evidently, everything you do is directed towards that result.[/li]Why don’t you do the SDMB community a favor and just cease & desist? Cease with the stupidity or just go find another playground.[/list=1]

This is an excellent idea otherwise Monty’s choices will also work.

[moderator underoos on]IMHO, it doesn’t belong in IMHO, either.[/moderator underoos on]

When the question has no words, or lanquage of any kind, and is asked by a complete tool.

This board is for communication. If you don’t communicate, you merely take up space. If you merely take up space, you make things more difficult for those who are actually participating. If you make things more difficult for those who are actually participating, you hinder their quest to Fight Ignorance. If you hinder their quest to Fight Ignorance, you help spread Ignorance.

You don’t want to be a promoter of Ignorance, now, do you, Xan?

Well, given that it’s essentially a question about this message board, I’m sure an appropriate forum will eventually suggest itself…

Thank you so much for exploring this intriguing issue for us. You have once again forged into alien territory on your never-ending quest to embrace your inner arse. A phone call to Cleo this morning brought me to the sad realization that we will be saying goodbye to you very soon. But I, for one, will look back upon your unique topics after you become a knowledge-martyr and think, “what a putz.”

I’m seeing double! Four threads entitled Moderator!
okay, two, and by different people. how often has that hapened?

Ya mean this one?

That statement scares me. Just one more thing to be nagging my already over-worked brain (what colors and patterns?).

So, do they like have pictures of Cecil on them?

Whoo hoooo! underoos, too! I can’t wait to get that moderator accessories catalog I’ve had on order for a year. I’d heard the tiaras were to die for, and the teddies were so hot!

Just to clarify my statement about it possibly belonging in IMHO. I don’t mean the “?” OP belonging there, but the statement he made in the OP here, “at what point does a question become an unreasonable one?

That question as worded (and not merely symbolized by a question mark) seems IMHO material to me, am I wrong?

I was always taught at school never to use 50 words when 5 will do the job just as well.

I thought my question was eloquently put, clear and concise. I didnt see the need for any further elaboration, evidently I was wrong.

However since I have no wish to cause antagonism (or indeed to find myself banned) I will respecfully withdraw the question.

But I dont think I need to apologise for this one since I thought it was a fair question (at least in its intention if not in its formation).


I was just working up to a fine indignant froth, and now I’m grinning bemusedly at the thought of Moderator Underoos, and thinking of offering cold hard cash for a photo.

Damn you, Czarcasm.