Moderators from Europe/Australasia would address late-night thread problem

With a thread spinning out of control in this very forum and all the moderators asleep/offline, there’s very little we can do except report the thread. In the meantime, much damage might be done.

Can consideration be given to appointing moderators from Europe, Australasia, Africa - indeeed anywhere else on different time zones - so that this problem can be fixed?

Coldfire is from Europe. Wait, didn’t he quit?

I’m European myself and I can’t say I’ve noticed this to be a problem. Do you have an example?

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<runs like hell> heeheeheeheeheehee :smiley:

I’ve been thinking about that. I think it’s about 3.30 in Chicago as I write this and prime time for trolls and spammers in the US.
Xash seems to be the only non-US mod right now, and I thnk maybe the admin should actively look for someone from Yurp, Asia or Aus.

This is a good point.

Another option would be to consider a Western Hemispherean* with a night job where he/she likes to kill time by reading the boards.

  • I’m trying to be inclusive of those poor pathetic…er…culturally equal souls who don’t make their home in the greatest nation on earth…er…the United States of America.

U S A ! ! !
U S A ! ! !

You mean there’s – gasp – other parts of the world? Who knew?

My god man, how can we ever thank you?

Seriously, we accept applications from all over the globe. Always have.

your humble TubaDiva

You apply? I thought you were asked.

Wait…moderators sleep? Whoever said they were allowed to sleep?

I’d like an application please.

Mixture of both. The most typical case, I think, is that the admins send an e-mail to a promising member inviting them to send in an application. This works well, since the admins know better than the members what the staffing needs are like at any given time, and how they can be expected to change in the near future (if a mod is planning on retiring, for instance, or a new forum is in the works). But they’ll take applications from anyone at any time, and if they’re not needed right at the moment, filed away until needed.

We accept applications, period; it’s an open process. (Send me an email at; I do not respond to posts on the board.)

However, because we accept them, doesn’t automatically mean you get in; it depends on our staffing needs and the fitness of the candidate.

It’s not an easy or short process and the prospective moderator gets looked at very closely, including intensive scrutiny of what you’ve posted here; by your words do we know you.
your humble TubaDiva

I am available seven nights a week, between the hours of 7 PM, and 9 PM. EST.

Sometimes at 3 PM, but only to check my mail.

I have many European ancestors.