Who mods which?

I was just looking over the thread here and all of the mods saying what they will or won’t allow in their forums…but without saying which forums those are. Perhaps I’ve just missed it, but is there a sticky or something somewhere which lists who mods which?

Can’t say it really affects my experience to know, just struck me to ask.

At the bottom of every forum the mods of that forum are listed. It will be on the bottom right.

This will also help you. :slight_smile:

I never noticed… Well cool.

Thanks Idle!

Obviously I knew this was a US based message board but I was surprised to see that all those mods who gave their location were also US based.
Is this board policy? Something to do with US citizens being more au fait with US law perhaps?
It seems to me it would be an advantage to try to spread it around a bit, after all even Americans must sleep and could miss the mother of all trainwrecks as the rest of the world makes hay.
Although I seem to remember that xash was in India once.

When Coldfire was on the staff they had at least one from this side of the pond.

I do agree that it would be advantageous due to time differences. Maybe more Euro’s, Aussies, Asians etc should apply.

Not policy, just the opposite, in fact; we’re always looking for good candidates from all over the world.


"Who mods which?"
Mod a witch? Used to be burn a witch. (Unfortunately, today it is moderators who are occasionally burned.)

Also, just to be clear: if a mod wanders by another mod’s forum and sees something that needs action, we don’t have turf issues with each other.

That’s correct. I am from Bombay, India. However, I’ve been in California for the past year.

While you’re correct that most are US at this time, we’re a diverse group when it comes to sleeping habits. Some of us are up until 1-2am EST, and then some of the West Coasters have a three hour advantage in staying up late. And there are mods/Admins up sometimes as early as 5am, EST. And one who is part vampire and seems to inhabit the night.

But you’re right–another mod from Europe/Down Under/etc. would be a plus in that department.