Modern Family 10/19

Thought this was the best show (by far) of the new season.

I stepped out for a minute, did they ever show any resolution to the car mix-up? (Why was the woman attacking Cam and Mitchel with a baseball bat?)

“So Maria is carrying the Judge’s baby?” No wonder she shot him, she’s hormonal."


Guy in a silver Prius pulls up at Mitch and Cam’s. Pan over to the Prius covered in dents, back to the guy.
“I see you met my wife”


“We’re victims of a hate-crime!”

Man, the only plot I really enjoyed tonight was Jay’s entrancement with the soap opera. The others were all pretty sitcommy.

I agree. This seemed like one of the weaker shows to me.

<Watch sitcom>
<Complain that it’s a sitcom>

I didn’t laugh at all. This makes me sad. :frowning:

Har dee har har. If you enjoyed it, that’s great and I’m truly happy for you. I was not particularly impressed by “Oh no, the valet gave us the wrong car, omg” or Claire’s “I want a fun night off!” And, heresy though it may be, I don’t really ever care for Phil’s comedic misreadings of situations.

Thought all the stories were hilarious in this episode, but nothing matched Gloria. Every moment she was on screen I was in stitches. Her complete lack of restraint in expressing her horror at the thought of Manny doing that thing Jay thought he might be doing was fantastic.


I have to agree that it was a weak episode. So far, this season has been a little weak, IMHO>

“I’m not gay! I’m French!”

I thought the car mix-up was poorly done. It was a set-up with no resolution. The guy drives up and says “I see you’ve met my wife”, and that’s it? No explanation about why she attacked the car with a baseball bat; did she think it was her husband in there? Couldn’t she see inside the car? I was waiting for some wrap-up which explained her outrage and possibly a resolution to the whole “we want to make friends with these people, they’re adventurous while raising a young child” thing. It left me flat.

Claire looks like fun when she drinks :D.

My wife and I agreed that this was a pretty weak episode. Somehow, they even managed to make Cam boring.

color me “confused” as well… supposedly the owners of the car had an adventurous lifestyle, with evidence of trips to Cancun, triathlons, etc… the husband didn’t look like a triathlete, and I can’t figure out why the wife would attack her own car… did she think they were trespassing and were in another car? did she think her husband was cheating on her with a man? makes no sense…

too many storylines that didn’t wrap up very nicely. i think they just ran out of time. a “college visit” story is an episode in itself. add to that the car scene, claire’s story, and a manny story that has jay’s soap opera piggybacking off it and you get a very rushed and confusing 20 minutes.

maybe if they had cut out the luke’s retainer part and just gone straight to frenchy making a move on claire it would have saved more time.

and yes, definitely, the car ending made zippy sense. you could almost see the writers look around, shrug, and say “well they can’t all be home runs”.

Her husband is now with someone new and adventurous, who does look like a triathlete.

I liked the way the car thing ended. In fact, when the mystery woman (at the time) started bashing in the side of the car I was hoping it didn’t turn into a whole big thing (and I liked the way they worked the ‘rut’ joke back in). As far as I’m concerned, it’s a sitcom, not a drama. Not everything needs all the loose ends tied up.
Yeah, if this was Breaking Bad or Dexter we’d have to know exactly how they got out of the rut, why the wife came from behind the car instead of the front (where the house was), how the husband showed up at their house even though this was well over an hour later etc…but it’s not. You’re just supposed to laugh and move on…I did.

thanks… makes sense why she would be mad at the husband, but why beat up the car that is being driven by two men…

Because all she saw out the window of her house was her cheating husband’s car drive up (it’s not easy to see inside a car at night when it has its headlights on), and by the time she was close enough, she was already pissed off and beating the car.

I agree that the stories were kind of cliche, but I still like MF’s treatment of them. Phil walking around campus in a Bullfrog sweatshirt & backpack was great. And I could watch Cam & Mitch bickering all day. “Prepare to turn right in 500 feet.” - “Notice how she didn’t wait till after the turn to tell me Cam?”

Gloria is pure gold.