Modern Family 11/24

Uneven show.

Lovedlovedloved Gloria’s “Americans are just babies. In Colombia we don’t need to go to the hospital for a dislocated shoulder!” (paraphrase)

The next shot is a flashback of her ramming her shoulder into a wall to re-set it, then picking up her ping pong paddle and resuming the game.

God, I CRACKED up at that!
The parents getting overinvolved in daughter’s breakup creeped me out, as did Cam’s mom getting handsy with Mitchell.

“Show me on Lilly’s doll where my mama has been rubbing you.”

Show is losing me. They took funny characters and are Homer Simpsoning them. They are all doing extreme version of themselves from earlier episodes and amplifying the “funny” traits to the umpth degree.

This is exactly right…I commented to my wife tonight that they seemed to be slipping over from quirky to a modern version of slapstick.

One thing I really liked was that the bathtub was the size one normally sees in a regular house. Every tv bathtub seems to be big sunken pools or giant clawfoot monstrosities. This was a little itty bitty thing just like the ones that have been in my houses. It was a nice touch of realism.

This was a very bad episode. I fastforwarded through most of the mother plot. The dislocated shoulder thing was funny though.

I liked the whole episode a lot. Phil does go over the top, but it doesn’t spoil it for me. He pulls it off just fine.

Modern Family 11/25 was a complete bust. (Birthday party with Cam as a clown. He was a very sweet clown, although I don’t like clowns. He might be my favorite character.) There weren’t even any memorable lines in this episode…

It was inevitable that Gloria would jump up and down in the moonwalk thing and draw a crowd. [yawn]

Are you kidding? The Modern Family 11/25 episode was a rerun of the Fizbo episode from the first season, and was one of the funniest. It was great.

Seriously. It’s a classic. “People will stare. They’re not used to seeing only one clown in a car.”

BTW, one thing about the Fizbo episode is that it starts with the family in the hospital because of an unforeseen injury, and then we see the many risks at the birthday party (rock wall, zip line, crossbow, etc) but the injury is due to the beads from the crafts table.

I only started watching the show this year. Color me dense, but I didn’t care for this one. It seems to me the characters weren’t very developed.

Cam WAS fabulous.

I think this was true even in the first season. The dad is a less subtle version of Michal Scott. The squabbaling gay couple is the squabbalingst, gayest squabbling gay couple on TV. etc They’re all TV sitcom cliches dialed up to 11.

I still watch the show, but its funny despite the characters instead of because of them.