Modern Family, March 12, 2014 -- "Other People's Children"

So, what did everyone think of last night’s episode?

In a way, I found it reminiscent of Kandinsky.

I LOL’d at a couple of Phil’s comments. There should be a name for the stuff he says that comes out wrong, or not wrong so much as unintended. Is there?

I liked that Gloria initially put her foot down with Lily about the princess dress. Mitch and Cam are too solicitous of her feelings most of the time. But I was fine with Lily getting what she wanted in the end.

Fünke Syndrome?

Cam doing La Cucaracha out the side of his mouth caused me to rewind and watch at least 3 times. Later that evening I tried but couldn’t do it as successfully because I kept laughing. I know they are actors and are trained, but how the heck did Eric S. not break up doing that? Really good ep.

Oh yeah, Phil’s lines are ridiculously funny!
And I liked “stern Gloria”…