Modern Family, March 2, 2011 -- "Two Monkeys and a Panda"

So, what did everyone think of last night’s episode?

Very well done.

And the spa advice Phil got was good for both men and women, folks. Not everyone wants you to fix their problems.

Yet another episode where Phil & Claire’s life uncomfortably mirrors our own (though some 80 lb. lighter) right up to sisters refusing to share clothing. Luckily, I was given the “don’t try to help solve her problems” speech a few years ago, so this one was safe for us to watch together.

I’m wondering though, how many gay couples are laughing at how accurate Mitch & Cam’s life is portrayed? Seems like they get more over the top each week. Not that it’s not funny as hell, but its a little jarring sometimes when Cam hits every stereotype in a single episode.

“Good acting.”

adoption (clap clap)

I liked the episode, but I found it really hard to believe that Mitchell would interpret Cam’s adoption freakout as meaning that he might leave them – to the point of changing Lily’s name on her birth certificate. So that plot point bugged me. But I enjoyed everything else. :slight_smile:

Well has been portrayed as very insecure about the relationship before as indicated by constantly refering to Cam as his “boyfriend” even after they adopted a child together.

That bothered me too – especially since Mitchell had to already be aware of how “over-the-top” emotional and dramatic Cam can get about things.
I loved Gloria and Jay’s subplot, though – hilarious!

I laughed my ass off when Claire was saying her wish was for her daughters to share clothes, do each others hair, and talk about boys the way she and Mitchell used to.

I also loved the exchange at the graves when the old lady said to Gloria something like: “I hope you don’t mind my asking; but how old are you? You seem much younger than your husband.”
[Gloria] I don’t mind you asking at all, I’m MUUUUCCHHHH younger than my husband.

The writers really need to work on Cam and Mitchell’s chemistry. They’re hard to believe as a really committed couple.

“That’s why I always read the legal documents, which I’ve done ever since you signed up for a twelve year gym membership.”

“The more you spend, the more you save!”

I don’t know how they managed to adopt a kid who never moves, speaks, cries, or in any way makes her presence known other than to sit compliantly in a lap.

They do seem to be annoyed by each other more than most people, but not more than any of the other couples on the show.

Cam’s a drama queen and Mitchell’s a snobby bitch and both are self centered. I know it’s for comedic effect but c’mon people- let’s show that they do deeply love each other somehow.

I did love the episode where they thought there was an intruder and Cam got the bat without hesitation- showed a different side to him.

I enjoyed the “Cam with the bat” scene, too. Have you seen the “Fizbo the Clown” episode, when he saves Mitchell from the bully?

Which episode was that?

I think it’s the one where Cam was upset because Mitchell wouldn’t kiss him in front of others or do any kind of PDA.

Fizbo tried to return in a recent episode but they went with a Fairy Princess instead.

I loved Ty’s comment in the Fizbo episode: “I have a terrible fear of clowns. I think it started when I was a kid and I was at this party and we went into the woods… and I stumbled on a dead clown.”

The only thing I can find is a mention of Jay’s introducing Cam as Mitchell’s “friend” instead of as his “boyfriend.” Anyway, boyfriend/girlfriend is still the most common term in this country for unmarried couples. I doubt the show would be using that term to indicate that Mitchell was immature.

All of the committed gay couples I know in this country (and I know several) refer to each other as “partner,” not “boyfriend/girlfriend.”

I know several such couples too, both heterosexual and homosexual, and while they might also use “partner,” they most often use “boyfriend.” Nobody I know has said that they consider “boyfriend” a sign of immaturity.

I know that this is an agenda issue for some people, particularly on this board. But the fact remains that there has been no broad change in the cultural norm on the term “boyfriend.” Not yet, anyway.

Was Luke in the episode at all?