Modern Family, March 5, 2014 -- "Spring-A-Ding-Fling"

So, what did everyone think of last night’s episode?

Mitchell’s subplot at the new job with Aisha Tyler (LANNAAAAAAAA!!!) was hilarious to me.

Yeah, I loved that! I’ve had a big crush on the lovely Aisha for some time now…

I liked Lily and Joe. It was expected that Joe would walk and save Lily’s butt, but not expected that it was a surprise for Lily too.

Not sure what to make of Claire and the kids. Is she really so worried that they’re not boy/girl-crazy?

And if you’re not, you guys should really be watching Trophy Wife too. It can be over the top but it’s pretty damn funny.

I liked it but the roast at the end was… uncomfortable. To me at least.

Mitchell’s and Cam’s subplots were excellent. The rest . . . well, I really can’t remember much of it.