Mods, can I post this Katrina thread


I was wondering if I could forward this request to SDMB members and MPSIMS, respectively.

The site is this:

The post is the 6:54PM post on Friday, regarding finding job relocation for a company.

I don’t know them personally, I just have been following this journal anonymously this week. It’s a long shot, but its better than not sending on the request, yanno?


I’d been thinking about posting a link to that blog myself. It really gives a some sense of what it must have been like to be in the Big Easy over the last few days.

Absolutely. I’ll let the staff know.

your humble TubaDiva

Somebody already posted to that blog in MPSIMS.

I’m not talking about the blog itself, though it deserves a link. I’m talking about the job relocation part, which I think would suffer-to-be-found halfway done the link of some other thread.