Mods, can't you tell Snowboarder Bo to shut up?

Now that’s funny.
Any of you grew up with a quarry nearby you?

After this discussion, I have a new perspective on the whole thing.
At first I thought the user name was Snowboarder Bob. I was probably being a little impatient, not really reading to the end of the name.

But now my eyes have been opened and I’ve seen the light: it’s Bo, not Bob

You got a permit for that doohickey, buddy?

Hi there.

Sure I want a board where posters aren’t jerks. That’s why I’m posting in this thread.

Hey, I lost my virginity at the quarry. In a car, but we were at the quarry. Quarry. Quarry. Really starts to sound funny when you say it a lot.

No, they’re not. In fact, the rules specifically address this:

That is addressed in the rules as well.

Speaking as a member, not as a moderator:

I have absolutely no idea why you started quoting that line out of context all the time, but continuing to do so when the majority of people who have weighed in on the subject are annoyed by it is pretty obnoxious behavior. Do you have any reason to continue doing it other than taking pleasure in pissing people off?

Speaking to you as a member, I can only repeat what I’ve said in both this thread and in the Pit: I do not use it out of context. I never have. I use it in exactly the context it was used in when I first heard of it: in place of LOL.

I continue to use it because I find it funny, as do quite a few people who’ve posted both here and in the Pit. The fact that at first glance it seems to be a completely out-of-place non-sequiter is part of what it makes it funny.

It’s no more annoying, IMO, than “Hi, Opal” or “Regards,” or “1920-style death ray” or “I burning your dog” or any of the other dozens of things that get posted here on a regular basis that are now considered “board jokes”, to the extent that the board itself keeps a list of them so that people new to the Dope have someplace they can go to look them up (the Beginner’s Guide to Glossary of Terms on Straight Dope Message Boards).

I take no pleasure in pissing people off, despite several claims that I do, and despite several claims that I said I do. Those claims are lies. Feel free to prove me wrong by quoting the post where I said I enjoy annoying others; you won’t find one.

However, I see no reason to stop doing something just because a small but vocal group whines loudly enough. If they are reporting all my posts and thus causing extra work for the mods to have to wade through the reports, as I’m pretty sure has been happening due to a couple of emails I received from mods, that’s not my fault; it’s the fault of the people who are making the reports. I am not hijacking threads, nor am I threadshitting. I’m not going into threads at random to post it, nor am I using it to pad my post count, as should be obvious from fact that it’s only been a couple of dozen times that I’ve used it. (FFS, why would anyone seek to pad their post count?)

The board includes a feature whereby anyone who doesn’t ever want to see the phrase again can ensure they never have to.

Judging by their attitude towards me, I can’t imagine why they haven’t taken advantage of that feature, since it’s obvious from their posts that they feel I am an idiot and an asshole and have nothing of substance to contribute to their experience on the Dope. How would they be harmed at all by simply removing me, completely, from their purview? It seems clear that they don’t think it would be at all bad to never read anything I wrote ever again, so why don’t they take advantage of that feature and stop bothering the mods?

Mostly where I notice you is in political threads, where I find your posts to be sometimes interesting, sometimes useful, and, yes, sometimes amusing. If you really want people to miss out on what is good about you because you’ve become obsessed by this “LOL” of yours, I guess that’s your call.

You should stop doing it because continuing to do it pisses people off, and nothing of value will be lost by you stopping. It’s that simple.

I say here, in ATMB-appropriate language, pretty much what i said in the Pit thread:

You keep saying that you use it in context, yet what you apparently fail to recognize is that context is a shared component of communication. To use something in context requires that the context and the usage be understood by, if not all, at least a majority of your audience. If something is truly being used in context, people don’t look at your comment and scratch their heads, wondering what the hell those words are doing there.

Saying to yourself “I’m going to let this set of words stand arbitrarily for that other set of words” is NOT “context,” no matter how many times you link to the obscure reference that motivated your iconoclastic usage.

I’ve already said in this thread that i don’t think this is something that needs to be curtailed by the moderators. You shouldn’t be banned from using it; i don’t think the mods should even suggest that you don’t use it. If you want to use it all the time, i couldn’t care less; it’s very easy to skip past content-free posts on this message board. Just realize that plenty of people see it as little more than the equivalent of “Look at me!,” and that it causes people to think of you as little more than an attention seeker.

Nor am i arguing that you shouldn’t piss people off. I’ve pissed people off on this message board before, and will do it again. There are times when i do it accidentally, and times when i do it intentionally. But if i’m going to piss people off, i try to reserve it for occasions when it actually means something to me, in terms of a particular argument or position that i want to take. I try not to spend my “pissing people off” capital on stupid, nonsensical bullshit that adds nothing to the discussion and that alienates people who might otherwise be interested in having conversations with me. Post enough content-free posts, and people will being to assume that all your posts are content-free.

But you do what you want. You’ve made it pretty clear that you don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks about this issue anyway.


This is a ridiculous argument. If it were true, then there really wouldn’t be a need for that guide I linked to in my last post, would there?

Before you counter that the majority understands those in-jokes, let me point out that at one time, the majority did not. They had to be created at some time, and people got to know them by seeing them and asking “what the hell are those words doing there?”

Others then had to link to the obscure reference that produced the joke or otherwise explain it. That’s how ignorance is fought, after all: by spreading knowledge.

In itself a large number of people being annoyed at something on the internet isnt enough, as there is a large number of people on the internet who try way too hard to get the world to fit their preferences rather than adapting to it, and theres a much larger group who is willing to live and let live who dont get counted in the vote with that metric.

Adapting to them simply means you let them get more and more restrictive as time goes on, which in my view has been happening with this forum over the years, and unfortunately becomes self reinforcing as time goes on.

So something does get ‘lost’ when you bow to these kinds of demands too often in my view. The problem is its not something that shows up on a daily or weekly basis, but only over time.


I’m joining Bo at the quarry. A pitting is one thing. This thread on the other hand, is ridiculous and has already made me adopt the quarry theme to express amusement.

The difference is that most of those occurred organically, as a bunch of people picked up on something they found funny or interesting. I don’t remember a single case where one person spent dozens of posts inserting a catchphrase that almost no-one else knew about.

Anyway, the argument that your stupid catchphrase is no worse than those other stupid catchphrases is not one i find especially compelling, because i think that most of the catchphrases in the list you linked to are pretty dumb.

But, as i said earlier, you do what you want. I’m not arguing, and have never argued, that anyone should stop you.

I’m starting to think SnowboarderBo is a bit of a genius. :smiley:

The best jokes are the ones that require an explanation.

I think this a particularly insightful post.

Then you guys aren’t doing a very good job of enforcing it.

Cite from today:

A quick search reveals that every post of his/hers I could find had such a sign-off. Not to pick on Shodan specifically; it was just the first that came to mind.

Don’t forget the diver!