Mods mod-ing their own posts.

I’ve noticed that often times a mod’s post is modified by said mod. Why is it that the mods get to moderate their own posts yet regular members cannot moderate their own?

Because someone needs this easily abused power. Might as well be the mods. And as long as they don’t abuse that power, might as well be a perk for doing lots of un-fun work.

That’s my opinion, anyway.

Speaking for no one but myself, but my “self-edits” are mopping up coding snaufs.* I’m perfectly willing to do the same for other posters who request it, when time and board speeds permit. BUT that isn’t intended to commit other mods to do it. Actually if there isn’t a consensus on this I’ll stop doing it for myself or anyone else. Consistency and fairness are important.

Given the sometimes intense discussions on SDMB poster self-editing carries the risk of retroactive pruning. “You said X”–and bingo, the statement has conveniently disappeared. I shudder at the merry hell that would ensue.

  • the one exception when I edited actual content was when I messed up interpreting a rule. Leaving the “correction” in place for all to see was unkind and unfair to the poster, not to mention misleading. I clarified and apologized in the edit and personally by email.

From my viewpoint what happens is mostly mundane mopping up spills and emptying ashtrays. But perceptions count too. I’d like to be able to keep up correcting odd typos, coding problems, etc. for others (and myself) but if the practice is misunderstood or inconsistent then it rates review.


Can you mop-up my code snaufs, too, Veb? I’d really 'preciate it.


Actually, many of us do modify the coding snafus of others (for example, blown links, etc.).

and, if you’re really, really into this ‘mopping’ function, I’d be happy to e-mail you directions to my house… :smiley:

I’ve also noticed that most mods will include a line indicating what mop up action they took, for example:

“fixed coding” “Spam link deleted” etc.

I think that’s helpful.

They are the ones where UncleBeer or Colfire go on a rampage attacking someone. You know the deleted part was more of the same only worse, sent at the time the victim was posting and gone before an Admin could object.

When I want a post edited, I do the same thing everyone else does: I contact a mod, and ask him or her to do it for me. The only difference is that it doesn’t usually take too long for me to find a mod :).


Look at your member status. It’s under your UserID on any of your posts. You don’t have to contact a moderator, you are a moderator.

(I thought someone would have told Chronos that he’s a moderator by now.)

From the user agreement:

Now, Peas and Queues, care to back up your assertion before we boot yer ass outta here?

“Know”? “Victim”?

Sweet galloping paranoia! What in the world are you basing this on? What I know about UncaBeer and Coldy, as posters and as mods, is that they may be outspoken but they sure aren’t sneaks. If anything they take a bashing for telling people what they think without much mincing of words.

So you’re accusing them of posting hit-and-run attacks then scurrying off and deleting them before an Admin notices and confiscates their mugs. Yeah, right. ::rolls eyes:: Pretty vile accusation even though it’s baseless and doesn’t make a particle of sense. Not to mention it’s a gratuitous personal attack.

Is no action, however small, exempt from conspiracy theories? Sheesh, I’d hate to see routine clean ups lost because of garbage like this. I don’t do clean ups unless requested just because the professional paranoids would start screaming, “the evil mods dinked with my post!” or “they only clean up for the Inner Circle!”

Idiocy, pure idiocy.


Not only is that an unwarranted statement on your part, it’s an out and out blatant lie.

You may consider yourself warned. And this thread is moving to the Pit.

your humble TubaDiva

This is so true. I know because I asked my Magic 8 Ball if it was and it said “conditions look favorable” which as we all know is unassailable proof.*

I posted a only mildly spittle-flecked rebuttal the other day which in my excitement to post I failed to notice was italicized about halfway through (and then for the rest of the post) and THEN bolded AND italicized for about the last third. Though it remained pure genius as far as argument ( :rolleyes: ) it was extremely annoying to try to read. A mod quietly cleaned it up for me about half an hour later, which I appreciated. Why shouldn’t they be able to do the same for themselves? Why should DAVID have to e-mail GAUDERE and say “I mispelled ‘fuckwit’ in my last post – could you fix the typo?” when they have the ability to just fix it themselves?

  • This establishment uses sarcasm. This post may have been exposed to sarcasm during preparation. Do not read if you have an allergy to sarcasm.

Um, P&Q?

How could Coldfire and UnkB get any enjoyment from flaming idiots if no one knew about the flaming? If you’re just going to delete the flame anyway, why would you bother sending it?

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Jodi for being such a good sport about the recent edits of her posts. I mean, I know that she’s pretty much used to Gaudere and David B editing her arguments to say exactly the opposite of what she originally intended and making her look like a raving idiot and an atheist to boot.

But when Gaudere replaced all of Jodi’s references in the third person plural with “peeps” and translated all her SOCAS cites into 733T 5p33k I personally thought that a line had been crossed.

Thanks, Jodi, for helping us push the envelope!

Just for the record, in about fifteen months of regular posting here, sometimes in hot arguments, I have never seen a moderator abuse his/her powers in any significant way. (I think I once noted a minor word change that clarified rather than changed an argument; other than that, I’ve never noticed a textual change. And I read a lot of stuff here, and have an excellent memory.)

One final comment, which I tried making earlier when the board apparently went offline for a short time: I think that, if it won’t embarrass TVeblen too much, her “snauf” should be adopted as Official SD Slang, like “manny peoples” and “Hi Opal.” It is, after all, self-defining! :slight_smile:

Just how do we verbalize that?

Could make for good Dopefest material.

< snort >

Ain’t bashing you pard, but I think the mods do a pretty good job- individual decisions I haven’t agreed with, but on the whole, a very good job[sup]*[/sup]-
now listen closely- those thudding sounds? that’s every body reading this keeling over.
That may tell you something.
Just have some fun here for a little while, see what you think after a couple months, k?

[sup]*[/sup]this in no way is intended to give the impression that I will not start a big, sticky shit fest when I see something that IMO, warrants it. :wink:

::adopts the level, glassy-eyed stare of a trapped BS’er::

Y’see, I meant to say that. Was it edited out?
You’re perfectly, durn-tootin’ right it’s self-defining, Poly. So there’s no reason to get into fine points definitional stuff.

::hurries to change the subject::

Techchick, I’ve always heard it pronounced so it rhymes with “ralph”, only with a little more nasal ooomph for emphasis.

It’s VERY expressive, isn’t it?


Snauf! I love it. Situation normal, all up fucked! :stuck_out_tongue: