Mods, take some time off. This thread’s for hijackin’

Today I got the news. The starter on my Tundra truck gave up. Towing and repair: on the high side of a thousand bucks. Not a rant. Just a fact. The mechanic asked me what I want to do. Yup, I see not much choice. I trust him, said do it. It will be done soon.

That’s to get the ball rolling. Take this thread out for ride, anywhere you want. Hijack away. I’ll be sitting back and grinning and watching where it goes. Watching for some creative hijacking. At least try to string somewhat from post to post. Try?

Now don’t be getting so bad this ends up in the pit. I don’t want my thread to end up anywhere near that cesspool.

I was reading the thread about recent trends in moderation, and thought I would give the mods a little time off.

I would be honored to see mods themselves doing a little hijacking. Engineer, puzzlegal, what_exit, aspenglow, and all the rest? Have at it. (Copy editors, excuse the Oxford comma.)

What is up with this weather? I’m already burning my way through a season’s worth of firewood, just because the first week of December – which I expect to be extremely cold – decided to happen in the second week of November!

Damn, I’m sick of schlepping wood already. Gonna be a long winter.

Firewood is just a scam when it comes to keeping warm. I mean, you have to keep getting up and throw more wood on the fire to stay warm, during which you get cold? No thank you.

I invested in two cats. Get on the couch with a light blanket and a kindle, and the heat comes to you along with an adorable purr and cuddle. Sure you can’t get up for a few hours, but you’re warm, and it’s cold out there anyway, better to stay under the blanket until your cats grows bored or your bladder forces you out.

I’m hijacking this thread and ordering it to fly to Cuba! Vencemos!

You know, we already have one self-hijacking thread around here. It’s called the MMP. :smiley:

Forget all that. Let’s talk about me!!!

One of these days these threads are gonna jack all over you.

… welp, can’t unsay it now

What is now anyway? You are reading this in what is my future and I wrote this in what is the past to you. And the moment you say “I’m reading this word now!” it becomes a word you read in the past.

And speaking of pastry. How do you pronounce croissant?

I myself, say cross ant, sometimes, when feeling and acting silly.
Now, speaking of pastry, my Grandma made the best rhubarb pie. Loads of sugar, Gramma didn’t believe in defiling rhubarb with strawberry or any such nonsense.

I demand this thread fly straight to Cuba.

Sorry, thread’s on the No-fly list.

I, too, was wondering exactly how this thread is different from the MMP.

Wait, am I violating the rules of this thread by continuing this discussion rather than hijacking it?

“Hijack” has too much baggage. Howzabout “Detour?”

  • Yes
  • No
  • Greetings from the Other Hindu Atheist Bacon Society
  • I’m taking this thread to Pollsonlyada

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Talk through your nose and say “wahh-wahh”. And what’s up with nosegays anyway?

Neither a nose, nor gay. So disappointed!

I don’t want my thread to end up anywhere near that cesspool.

There you go, junior modding again. I have a lot to say about moderation and junior moderation. I have posted another thread to which I direct all of you because I and not you understand the function of moderation and its limits. There are abundant articles and sources that I can’t be dursed to cite, and I don’t have to because this isn’t FQ. What’s up with that new name, anyway? GQ was a good enough name, very descriptive! I’m a '99er and I have “General Questions” tattooed on my ass. Now what am I supposed to do? I blame Obama. And other people whose names I can’t mock or who I can’t characterize in a way that always makes me chuckle but is now forbidden because this site is castrated by wokeness and the hive mind. Resolved: You ain’t the boss of me and before I would consider hijacking this thread, I’m planning to challenge a lot of minutiae! Starting with that Oxford comma.

There used to be a thread on the snopes boards called Unhijackable. I just wanted to say that.

And I just want to continue to put off finishing filling out this tax form that I shouldn’t have to deal with because if they’d looked for ten seconds at the rest of my taxes they’d know it’s not going to change anything.

And also I’m glad the garlic got planted more or less on time because although it was 80 last week now it’s going to be 19.

And I like farhrenheit better than celsius because it’s more precise. Even if it is harder to spell.

And I’d better stop now.

My friend put JUST the right amount of garlic in the sautéed spinach she made as a side dish for dinner tonight. And the grilled chicken, with a Korean sauce of some sort that we found during a cruise for my birthday a few weeks ago… delicious. The wine was pretty good, too.

Garlic? I went out for Italian tonight and the fish had a “sauce” that was mostly parsley & halved garlic cloves. A bit much in my book.

Speaking of books I didn’t bring one to dinner. My wife didn’t either. Anyone else not bring a book to dinner?

But the waiter did bring my martini. Bombay Sapphire of course with 3 olives. As demanded.

Can we all agree that this thread is Trump’s fault?