Mole II 6/25 Predictions and Analysis

I’m just gonna miss looking at Elavia every week … :frowning:

She’s cuuuuuuute.

I think I prefer Romancing The Stone to Gladiator. I’ve seen them both and I don’t remember anything about Gladiator, but I remember Romancing The Stone quite well. Then again, maybe that is because its been on tv so many times.

Mole? Oh yeah, I think it must be Dorothy, but I don’t want it to be.

I don’t see why being a musician makes her unable to get puzzles right. She seems pretty on the ball to me.

I hope she wins, but I’m not sure if she will.

One thing I like about the Mole, though, that people aren’t “voted” off a la Survivor or Weakest Link. (Not that that doesn’t have its place…:)) Also that really couldn’t work- what if they vote off the mole, but you have to survive on your wits…not necessarily your popularity. Just one more thing I love about this reality show.

On the ABC message board people are getting really into the little details- like Dorothy has a mole, or the fact that Darwin’s name comes up perpendicular next to “Who is the Mole” in the opening credits. Things I’d barely noticed!

About Dorothy getting the answers at the last moment… If you noticed in the latest episode when she was telling how she met her boyfriend, she says that the first thing she said to him was something like “Let’s play Scrabble”.

If she is into Scrabble enough that she will use that as a conversation starter then I have no trouble seeing her coming up with “mistrustfulness”. Being able to look at a sequence of letters and comeup with words using them is pretty much required to be a decent Scrabble player.

As for the math question, sorry folks but that one really wasn’t that hard. (Of course, I do statistical forecasting for a living so perhaps my definition of “difficult math” is a bit different from other peoples. ;))

Also, one of my co-workers is also a violin teacher and she tells me that many people who are musically inclined are also good at math.

I still think Dorothy is the Mole, I just don’t think her coming up with the answers is evidence of it.

I think it is true that someone could answer both questions… after all people have done well on both the Math and Verbal sections of the SAT, too.

But to come up with the answers at the last moment, requires a near superhuman level of deviousness and deception.