Molly Shannon is gone!

Thank God! I have never liked her. I was pretty overjoyed when I heard this week that Saturday’s show was her last.

Now, if only they could get rid of Tracy Morgan. Of course, he’ll probably stay on the show for a bazillion years just like Shannon did just to spite me.

No kidding!

I’m starting to think that they’re just randomly picking people off the street and offering them positions in the SNL cast. Yes, Tracy Morgan will be there forever (what other options does he have?) and so will the androgynus Cabbage Patch Doll looking girl. Those two will just ride the flaming wreckage into the ground.

She annoyed the hell out of me! WOOHOO!!!

Good riddance, I sez.

I haven’t watched much the last five years… I know who Molly Shannon is, and Tracy Morgan, but Cabbage Patch girl? who’s that?

Rachel Drach?


I don’t exactly think they are memorable at all; any of them.
I woke up Saturday Night, only to hear her doing some weird comedian routine where she was entertaining at an old age home or something"Don’t get me started. Don’t EVEN get me started."
What???It sounded so stupid.


Er, groovy. Whatever.

If only they would bring back Dana Carvey. And Mike Myers. And Phil Hartman (…from beyond the grave, even- hey if anyone can do that, Lorne Michaels can!)

Plus if only they would stop with those horrible musical guests. Yech. Teeny bopper bands? Shaggy (who?! :eek: )? Jennifer Lopez- we are at an all time low here.

I beg to differ. She was pretty good, I admit not the best, but she had her own unique way to make ppl laugh.

She’s gone!! WooHooo!!!

[sup]now if they would get rid of 90% of the rest of the cast, and find 4 or 5 talented comics!![/sup]