Mommy, Mommy! Guess what I learned at career day! Big boobies can make you big money!

I want to go to that school’s career day!

Calif. schoolers told stripping can be lucrative - Management consultant tells eighth-graders money to be made as an exotic dancer

[shakes fist]Damn hamsters! I was just about to post this[/shakes fist]

My favorite part:

From the article:


Mr. Fried’s working title for next year’s Career Day speech is Turning Tricks: Hooking and You.

I note that his remarks were accurate, if inappropriate for the audience.

measures titties

According to the numbers on my measuring tape, I should be making an additional $200,000 a year.

mmmm… tities

I don’t really see what the big deal is. You *can *make good money as a dancer. My sister danced for a living for over 10 years. She easily made over $1000 for a night’s work, sometimes 2 or 3 or more times that. Many of our friends did the same. They drove the nicest cars, put their kids in the nicest private schools, one opened her own flower shop, etc. It’s definitely a career one needs to start as early in life as possible. I’m obviously not saying 14 year olds should start dancing, I don’t think the point of career day is to expect the kids to start any career until 18 or so at least. But it’s not an inappropriate age to start thinking about it, or to at least be told it is an option, and a profitable one at that.

And what’s the big deal about fishing? Fishing is another career that can earn a decent living, from what I understand.

Does everyone really expect their kids to be doctors and lawyers?

I don’t expect my kids to be doctors or lawyers, but I’d be damned upset if their school was encouraging them to be strippers. I wouldn’t want my children to go into any career with the sole idea of making money. Schools should be pointing kids towards jobs where they use their brains and benefit society, not towards shaking their tits for tips.

Huh. Personally, I don’t expect schools to point kids towards any career. I expect them to give them an education, and a mediocre one at best. This wasn’t the school, but an outside consultant, who was simply letting kids know that there are many options available to them. They can earn a living doing something they enjoy, whatever that might be. I also think what careers benefit society is somewhat subjective.


One with photographic evidence, please.

Daddy, I got a new job today. I can make $200,000 my first year! They said I was great! that I was a natural! I’m so exited!


somehow, when it’s your own kid, it’s different… :eek:

And what’s wrong with shaking tits for tips? Must be one of those “Morals” I keep hearing about. :rolleyes:

Both my parents were fine with my sister’s career choice, for the most part. Granted, they didn’t know about it until a few years after she’d been doing it, but it wasn’t really a big deal. I personally was pretty proud of her. She was one of the most sought after dancers in some of the best bars in NY and NJ.
Really, what as a parent are you going to do? Tell an adult-child they can’t earn a living (perfectly legally, obvioulsy) the way they see fit? Hang your head in shame because Mary Sue didn’t go to Yale, join phi beta slutta and hook herself a law student so she could shuffle the kids from soccer to ballet for a living?

If one of my sons were to tell me they were taking off to Vegas to become a Chippendale dancer, I’d wish them well and buy them a bowtie. I’d also encourage them to pursue higher education and invest their earnings wisely, as dancing is typically not a long-lived career.

Why do you think, as a society, we value kids getting an education? It’s not just to give them something to do in the day. It’s to give them tools to look after themselves as adults, and part of that is making a living. I probably wouldn’t mind it if schools were geared more towards careers.

I’m just curious what other professions are thought of as taboo. Is there some list that goes out that redacts all the “inappropriate” career choices so as to only to show children the “right” ones?

It’s a job, it’s legal. Now if there was a demonstration…that’d be different.

There was some discussion about how much strippers make in the following thread. I think the consensus was that $250K is a little high.


Oh, I completely agree with you. I wouldn’t mind at all if schools geared more towards career prep. For the most part though, they don’t. (There are exceptions.) That’s really left to the individual, and so is how they go about it; straight to a career through work experience, college, vocational schools, etc.

I’m simply saying I don’t see the harm in letting teenagers know what types of jobs are available for them to pursue. Particularly ones that can be lucrative.

I think part of the problem is that dancing/stripping might have some merits as a job, but it doesn’t have much going for it as a career. As a parent, I would rather my daughter prepare herself for something that doesn’t dead-end as soon as gravity starts winning. Similar with fishing, really. It might be lucrative for a while, but it’s heavy manual labor and quite dangerous.

Will someone please think of the strippers?

The downside of this whole thing is public backlash against stripper/exotic dancer recruiting, thus leaving America with a critical shortage of new naked boobs. The only ones left will continue to age, leaving veritable dinosaurs on the runway–saggy bits and all. And that, my friends, is a sad sad picture. . . :frowning:

If you can’t see naked boobies by choice, the terrorists have already won.

In the film Independence Day, there is one really funny bit of dialogue

[Will Smiths Girfriend] I’m a dancer

[First Lady] BAllet?

[WSG] No, exotic

[FL] Oh, I’m sorry

[WSG] Don’t be, it pays well and lets me take care of my kid

Best bit of the film, really