Mommy, what's an Ecogasm?

I know you ladies like doing your bit for the environment, but are you doing enough recycling?

Under the new European WEEE directive (that’s Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) all sorts of electrical equipment now needs to be recycled, including sex toys.

Accordingly, the UK company LoveHoney has announced the world’s first ever sex toy recycling scheme. Send them “your dog-eared defunct sex toy” and they will :-

  1. Make a donation to a green charity
  2. Ensure your old rabbit is recycled properly
  3. Send you a new rabbit vibrator for half price!

With your new vibrator you can lie back, comfortable in the knowledge that you have done your bit for the environment and enjoy your “ecogasms.” The greener way to enjoy self pleasure.

LoveHoney rabbit amnesty.

And by all means:

  1. Try not to think about why somebody wants to buy your used vibrator.