MommyPoysyn = Runadoc, stop by and say hi when you get a sec...

First off, thank you dropzone, montfort, matt and pipeline for welcoming me, you seem like a friendly bunch (especially dropzone). I am home for the next little while and just got the internet (beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get the hang of it) so you’ll probably see a lot of me. Hope to be chatting with you soon!

Any websites you can suggest are appreciated too!

Howdy, Runadoc…how are things in the 'peg? You don’t have quite as much snow as we do in Southern Saskatchewan… pleased to make your acquaintance and I hope you enjoy your time on the boards. The site I would recommend for you is, the central repository of Urban Legends on the 'net.




Thank you so much. Poysyn gave me the other Urban Legends site, but not that one. Thanks again.

Hello Runadoc! It’s good to have you here. I hope you enjoy the SDMB (but watch out, it tends to become VERY addictive.)
I’m looking forward to reading your posts. Have fun!

I’d also recommend bookmarking The Skeptic’s Dictionary. I’ve found that place quite useful myself.
And welcome!

Thank you for the hearty and happy welcomes, screech-owl,nocturne,and tiggeril. I hope to come to know each
of you over the next few threads. I certainly have gotten
many laughs over some of your stories recently. And so much
information to learn. Great stuff

Heya, welcome aboard!

Welcome, Runadoc! Have fun and play safe. :slight_smile:

Always happy to make a newbie welcome. So, tell us about yourself. How long you been online, interests, that sorta thing.

I have been online for almost 26 hrs (not all at once). Interest, hmmm, reading, watching movies, curling, golf, geez am I boring. :slight_smile:

Curling? Well, I guess you’re not from Nevada…

I think you’re the second parent to follow their child online. Isn’t Punha’s mom online, too? Her name escapes me at the moment… Parents following in the child’s footsteps. Just the opposite of how it used to be. Well, I guarantee my mom won’t follow me.

 Welcome aboard, Runadoc.

I hope you have a blast here, I know I do. Great place this… Anyway, when (or rather if) you get bored with this place, you can always turn to That’ll keep you occupied for a few hours.

Welcome newbie!

Just a bit of advice: Always remember that TVeblen is a woman(!), despite the name. Ignore the beard.

Hi, Runadoc, nice ta meetcha.


<snicker, snicker>

What are you trying to do, dropzone, start a big curling brawl? Hey, it’s hard work, sometimes you leave your beer at the other end of the sheet and you have you to walk all the way back and get it.

Welcome, Runadoc. You seem every bit as friendly and congenial as Poysyn, so it’ll be great to have you here. The urban legends sites are probably most useful, but another site that several of us, especially we enginerds, like to point to every once in a while is .

I’ve been pushing Google to the Better Half for months now. He prefers to putter around with Yahoo or Lycos. However, the other day, faced with the daunting challenge of extracting from the Internet the date, time, and place of the big spring RV show, he decided to give Google a whirl. “Type in ‘RV show Springfield Illinois 2001’,” I instructed him, and before he even had a chance to turn around in his chair and inquire querulously, “How long is this gonna take?”, poof! it was there. So now he’s a Believer. Accept no substitutes.

Also, I have set as my Home button. It’s a real hoot (hint–it’s satire.)


And then there’s the dictionary. Very important.

Hi Runadoc,

I hope to be back in the Peg soon. I’m currently stuck out in southern Alberta (working) but given that the Powers That Be have just terminated my position, I suspect I’m on my way home within the next few weeks. Look for a strikingly handsome, slightly drunk guy stumbling through Osborne Village come mid-April or so - that’ll be me (or maybe that should read “slightly handsome, strikingly drunk.” I’m not sure.)

Don’t forget to post your photo at

Also, if you look on the Straight Dope homepage, you’ll see something called “Weird Earls.” There’s some pretty cool sites there. There’s some pretty strange ones there, too, but that’s the Internet for you.