Money available. Form a queue

Well,I checked my bank balance(as long as it’s roughly what it should be,I’m not too bothered about the comings and goings). And my last total was some 300 pounds more than it should be. I’m sure I’ll find out why soon. Rent’s been paid and my tax taken,so it can’t be that. Oh well, fellow Dopers, share in my fortune. Please state how much you wish and how it will be spent…

I’m gonna do this when I win the lottery. Oh the fun of playing God and deciding who gets the cash…

Ugh I hate going first on these things.

Hmmm, wait a minute. I could use the 300 pounds to go take a class that will help move overcome my fear of going first on asking for money threads.

Wait… you’re giving away money by the pound? Is that paper or coin? If it’s paper I’d like 50 pounds. If coin, oh, about 200 pounds would be nice.

What? Oh! Pounds like English money. Ok, I’ll still take 50.

I need it for…err… umm… hmmmm… I got it! I need it to buy a couple kegs of beer for a party I’m throwing at the retirement home. Yeah! Retirement home. He’ll buy that.


My daughter’s school yearbook will cost $24. At the moment all available funds are going toward silly things like food and rent. :frowning:

I know how that feels.When you’ve got ten pounds to last the week…Hell,if I’d blown in on wine and women it would have been my fault. But things like TV licences, electric, water, rent, food and clothes tend to be rather essential…

The lucky applicants will be notified privately in order to avoid an unseemly squabble. If you suddenly find a little pile of money waiting by the door, you’ve been successful. Either that or the leprechauns have come to thank you :smiley:

I assumed this was sort of a what would you do for a small amount of money thread. If I’m wrong and you are actually giving away a few bucks, I’d like to remove myself from contention. We have some dopers here that would put it to better use then I would.

If I’ve been whooshed, carry on.

If I had the millions from the lottery, then it would be great to just hand some out to people to do daft things with just cos I felt like it.
But meh. Our pub jackpot gets to 150 quid and it’s big news…

Please give my share to a good charity.

That’s a great idea. We always manage to get by somehow. There are others that don’t. I’ll second this.

By the way, if you win the lottery, then count me in.

One solid gold helicopter please! :stuck_out_tongue:

How about taking some of that money and giving to a local shelter or soup kitchen?

If you’re still insistent on giving it away to people on the Dope, I run a non-profit organization here in Madison, WI that raises money for music education in the public schools. We do this through a local Music Awards shows. It’s not hunger or disease, but it’s a good cause nonetheless, and we give all the proceeds to the schools.

The info can be found at here

Well, if it’s free I suppose you could put it to the ‘save Liams possessions from being taken by the baliffs’ fund.

I’m not a gambler or anything but I got fired a couple of months ago after I went on a spending spree because I was happy about my new job :smack:

‘Company cutbacks’ My arse :rolleyes:

Can I have a pound? Just cos I like collecting foreign money? :slight_smile: