Right you lot! Turn out your pockets. Right now!

I have:

-£3.04 in change (two pound coins, a fifty, two twenties, a ten and two two pence coins)
-A receipt for twenty quid’s worth of diesel (which interestingly, doesn’t anywhere tell me the amount purchased in litres, but it must have been something like eighteen and a half at prevailing prices)
-A wallet containing:
–a ten pound note
–plastic cards for: Oyster, Denplan, The AA, Tesco, Matalan, Two Barclays VISA cards (one a company credit card, the other a personal debit card)
–lots of receipts for mundane things like plastic plumbing joints and 2x4 timber
–a number of bank paying in stubs (I get paid by cheque)
–a couple of tough plastic bags folded flat (in case I find something interesting and hopefully a)edible or b)saleable to collect).

That’s it.

What do you have in your pockets right now (not including anything you’ve taken out and put on the desk, not including anything you have clipped on your belt or in a handbag etc - pockets only.

Coat pockets included?

I have:

Mobile phone
Some business cards (mine; now crushed)
Solitary wrapper for a Mars Bar
ID card from work
Blue Biro
2 handkerchiefs
iPod Nano
£ 6.55 in change (a fiver, a pound coin, a 50p, 2 2p and a 1p piece)
Wallet containing:
-About £20 (can’t be bothered to count the change…)
-Various odd receipts (cash machine, grocery shopping)
-Cards: Oyster, debit (2), loyalty cards for Cafe Nero, Bagel Factory and Hummus Bros
-Old university ID card
-Drivers licence from India
House keys
Another blue Biro
A pair of gloves
My passport

left front jeans pocket-$30 US ( a twenty and a ten), right front pocket- pocket knife, and a small stone that my mom found interesting to look at and gave to me. Left rear pocket, wallet with drivers license, firearms permit, voter registration card, and two credit cards. I don’t usually carry the wallet on my person, so no money or receipts are secreted therein.

shirt pocket: a Sanford uni-ball micro 0.2 mm roller ball pen and reading glasses
left front pants pocket: two pennies, a nickel, a quarter, and 11 one’s
right front pants pocket: house key and truck key on a key ring from a local auto/truck repair shop (“towing available”)
left rear pants pocket: my wallet containing: 6 20’s, a ten, and 3 5’s, driver’s license, social security card, draft card, VISA card, health insurance card, dental insurance card, auto/house insurance card, registrations slips for my cars and truck, my state “Adult Immunization Record” folder which has my immunization record, a list of prescriptions, prior major medical events, my cardiologist’s name and contact info, and contact info for my siblings

That sounds intriguing…do you gather wild foods or something?

Pockets -
Pack of Marlboro reds
Bic lighter with an eagle on it
Cell Phone

Drivers license
State ID
Debit card
Jewel-Osco Preferred card (local grocery discount club card thing)
A fishing pass to the Twin Lakes recreation area (thanks forever to **Missy2U ** for that one!)
Library cards, one for the town I live in now and one for the town I lived in before
Step dad’s business card
Mom’s business card
Brother’s business card
Health insurance card
Car insurance card
A really strange card that my company issued that states our code of business conduct and ethics as well as a hotline to call to report violations of the above.

ETA- whoops, missed a part. I have my 2007 fishing licenses for both Illinois and Wisconsin too.

A $10 bill
Two $1 bills
A dime
A nickle
Warren Zevon cassette tape
Half a bag of Gambler tobacco
Cigarette papers
A receipt for cigarette papers
A cigarette lighter

-Right front trouser pocket: Two US quarters, two US dimes, one US penny, and a 1-dirham coin from the UAE.
-Right read trouser pocket: Wallet containing much crap and three US$1 bills.
-Jacket left chest pocket: Clean hanky
-Jacket right hip pocket: House keys, right glove
-Jacket left hip pocket: left glove

The 1-dirham coin is a mystery. I am not now in, and never have traveled to, the UAE. It’s about the size of a US quarter, so I probably got it in change from the grocery store down the street, which serves an extremely diverse clientele.

I am female. Therefore I put all my junk in my handbag.

Some of you gentlemen would be well advised to do the same. I don’t see how some of you carry all that stuff in your pockets without your trousers falling down.

There is nothing in my pockets right now except a bit of lint.

…and then The Boy wonders why his pants keep wearing through at the pockets. Duh.

Oh, and I have $0.28 CDN (change from my morning latte) and an unrecognizable wad of paper that has gone through the washer and dryer, which I assume was probably a shopping list in its past life. All the other kipple is in my ginormous purse… but I’d be writing all day if I needed to catalogue that.

Twelve dollars, which I had shoved in my pocket as per my friend telling me her New Year’s Eve superstition.

I suppose I’d better give my son back his money. :wink:

Yes - whenever possible - blackberries, nuts, sea beet leaves, wild mushrooms (plastic bags aren’t ideal for this, but it’s generally OK for half an hour or so). The bags are also useful for collecting trinkets such as sea glass, shells and other interesting bits and bobs. I always have at least one bag ready in my wallet.

Yes. In which case I also have a large (empty) whelk shell.

A small packet of chewing gum (Juicy Fruit)
$60 USD
WI Driver’s License
Debit Card
Small Notebook

Trouser pocket, key ring with front door key and bike-lock keys (one for the lock on the bike that got nicked, bit useless that).

Jacket pockets, hanky, LED bike lights and wallet containing:

Thirty quid in notes.

Cards for Maestro/Debit, AA, organ donor, Tesco loyalty, Building entry.

“Flat” key for emergency entry into the car.

1mm Dunlop plectrum in case someone hands me a guitar.

Cool! I checked out your site (and the link back to the thread about “my food has many eyes”!). So you chose your name for your philosophy, rather than the peas… Not counting my failed vegetable garden, I’ve got blackberries, apples, strawberries and mushrooms growing around my house. Never tried any of the mushrooms, as I don’t know enough about them to chance it. And for odd bits, lately I’ve brought home a possum skull, a single deer vertebra, and a pair of deer antlers.

Oh, and to add (on-topic) my coat pockets: on the left, my bottle of nitroglycerin; on the right, a stick of Blistex lip balm.

Right front pocket:

Change pouch containing:
20 x 1c coins,
9 x 10c coins,
1 x 25c coins.

Keyring holding:
Apartment door key,
Apartment-building door key,
Apartment mailbox key,
Key for cabinet at work,
Key for lock for gym,
RFID tag that lets me into work,
Small light, and
Another little key which I’m not certain what it fits.

Left front pocket:

Wallet, containing:

Business cards (both mine and others’),
Driver’s license,
Provincial health-insurance card,
Birth certificate,
Library card,
Regional transit pass,
Prepaid Mastercard with about $3 on it,
Two banking cards,
Video-rental card,
SIN card,
Work health-insurance card.

Note lack of folding money. It’s 1.5 days until payday and I’m just squeaking through, what with Christmas and all. I have money in the bank, but I’m waiting for two cheques to clear.

Yes, although I also like eating the peas. Also, over time, the name has sort of absorbed the pea meaning too (hence the name of my boat)

$2.17 in change
A comb
A pen
A silver coin that says Guardian Angel on it (1 ounce)
A wallet with
[li]157 dollars [/li][li]Discover, Visa, Mastercard[/li][li]Giftcards to Borders, Red Lobster and Sheetz[/li][li]Aetna card[/li][li]Spare car key[/li][li]Photo ID[/li][li]Lucky Chinese New Year dollar from 10 years ago[/li][li]Frequent Buyer card from grocery store[/li][/ol] in it

Left front: 1.64USD in coin. Keyring, w/ house key, car keys, and key tags from a drugstore, a supermarket, and a gym.

Left hip: Wallet, containing 21 USD, 2 pictures of my wife, 2 lotto tix, IN driver’s license, handgun permit, lens implant IDs, membership cards from Muncie Sailing Club, Day Sailer Assn., AARP, National Knife Collectors Assn. (life), AAA, UAW retirees. Appt. cards from 2 doctors and a dog groomer, list of prescription drugs, 2 bandaids, Note from doctor saying I can carry albuterol on a plane, Business card from a stripper (furniture stripper), Blood donation records, health insurance card, MasterCard, Discover card, debit card.

Right hip: cell phone, hanky, comb, Spyderco pocket knife, Stim-U-Dents

Right front: Moisture Therapy lip balm, albuterol (asthma med), little box of the rest of today’s meds.

Nothing. Working from home today, so nothing in my pockets.