What does it have in its pocketseses? (hiss)

No, this is not a Tolkien thread and I am not Gollum, Smeagol, Slinker, or Stinker. I’m just wondering what carry in our pockets.

I’m willing to be fairly elastic with the term; you can include items carried on the belt or in a purse/satchel if you wish.

Now to answer my own poll question:

Left front pants pocket: actual wallet
Right front pants pocket: eyeglass cleaning fluid, small case of tissues.
Right rear pants pocket: handkerchief
Left rear pocket: decoy wallet (containing cash to give mugger, useless credit cards, etc)
Belt: cell phone, keys & car remote control, pen knife
Breast pocket: Sawbuck, two fins, five singles
Notebook satchel (which looks like this, except that the main cargo area is customized for a notebook and nothing else: notebook, pens, business cards.

Anybody else want to share?

I carry my cellphone in my right pocket and my keys in my left pocket. Everything else goes in my purse. The reason the cellphone and keys go in my pockets is so that if someone mugs me or I lose my purse I can still get into my apartment and I have a way to call and cancel my credit cards and stuff.

I usually have my main credit card in my back pocket, because I take it out to pay for gas at the pump and then slip into my pocket while I’m waiting.

As a result, since I buy guy for my car each Sunday, I spend the week checking my purse over and over for my credit card. :smack:

I usually have a hair band (ponytail holder) for when I put my hair up tucked in a side pocket.


(8955 steps/3.67 miles today, if you must know)

Flash Drive

I don’t like having stuff in my pockets.

Wallet, right front pocket. Wallet has nifty collapsible pen within it, otherwise is as small and thin as is feasible.

Small notebook for writing stuff down. Also very thin.

Keys, with Leatherman Squirt as keyfob.


Whatever dross the **Attackkids **have handed to me to carry.

Left front pocket – keys, on a flash drive as a key-chain (so, a real Disk-on-Key!)
Right rear pocket – wallet.
Belt pouch or Right front pocket – cellphone.

Not a Gold Ring, that’s for sure.

Wait, not a Tolkien thread… :frowning:
OK, I usually carry a wallet in my front left pocket, a small Ace comb in my rear right, my keys, some change and a handkerchief in my front right. Occasionally either my watch or cell phone are in the front right.

Skald, you carry a ridiculous amount of stuff in your pockets. Why so many items and what is the deal with the decoy wallet?

The decoy has a hundred dollars in it, enough to placate a mugger. Cash saves your life if you get mugged.

I don’t think what I have is excessive. I carry the eyeglass cleaning fluid & tissues there because I always wear my glasses and I don’t like letting them get dirty. What would you have me subtract?

On a regular day:

left front pocket - cellphone
right front pocket - keys, Leatherman Squirt multitool
left rear pocket - wallet
Tournament days:
on belt - Leatherman Juice multitool
right front pocket - Squirt replaced by a Gerber Paraframe folding knife

Sorry, I don’t think **ridiculous **was the best choice of words. Perhaps **amazing **would have worked better. I don’t like carrying as much as I do. So I was flabbergasted by the idea of carrying so much.

LR pocket - wallet
RF - Cell phone, change
LF - keys, knife
Either a .45 on my belt or a .380 in my RR pocket.

Sometimes a pocket watch in the watch pocket, but generally I don’t wear Levi’s so no pocket watch.

I don’t carry enough cash to need a decoy wallet. Right now I have $12, 2 credit cards (one business, one ATM/Visa), health insurance card, CCW permit, DL, Costco card, car registration and insurance, and a coupon for a free chicken sandwich. A mugger can have it all, for all I care. I need a new wallet anyway.

The purpose of the decoy wallet is not to keep your money safe. It’s to persuade the mugger that he has gotten enough money to be with his effort without the added risk of kidnapping you, forcing you to go with him to an ATM & withdraw all your money, and then shoot you.

RFP–Keys, Swiss Army Knife, Handkerchief
LFP–Wallet, coinpurse
RRP–Nothing, or comb (if no shirt pocket), or papers (if needed)

Wallet in my rear right pocket, and my cell, keys, and mp3 player (if I’m carrying it) in whatever front pocket I happen to put them in, including the change pocket. I hate having anything more than necessary in the main ones.

Right rear: wallet.
Right front: keys, whatever change I happen to have, lighter.
Left rear: 2 or 3 folded up paper towels, plastic baggie (for dog poop when I take Zoidberg for a walk).
Left front: cell phone.
Shirt pocket (if applicable): pen.

Phone. 55p. It’s Sunday.

Normally, at work or just out of the house, there’ll be a wallet, an inhaler, and keys.


Left front pocket: keys, comb, paper towel, 4 pine nuts, 1 brazil nut

Right front pocket: Purell hand sanitizer, paper towel, 1 peanut, daily schedule, 56 cents in loose change

Right rear pocket: wallet

Left rear pocket: blue lint

Belt: watch, work keys, Leatherman multitool knockoff

Right Front Pocket: iPhone.
Left Front Pocket: Swiss Army Knife, Chap Stick, maybe tissues, pencil or pen.
Left Rear Pocket: Nothing.
Right Rear Pocket: Wallet.

Vox Imperatoris

Right front pocket: marked money*, change for the bus
Left front pocket: big bills and any non-marked cash I pick up
Right cargo pocket: cell phone
Left cargo pocket: wallet
Back pocket: nothing, ever…it’s buttoned when I buy the pants and it stays that way.