Money! Power! Influence! More than anyone else has...

Is this REALLY that predictable over several thousands of millenia?

I WANT…a woman to f*** me when I want and this woman or some other woman to serve my children and myself.

Let us not confuse any Woman with a woman who will stand for anything:


(I’m just sorry and sick of the ‘excuse’ for cheating.)

Of COURSE! you will alwaysfind some female form that is …mmm…younger…mmm…ready to consider your finances…

Your Wife. Your Children. Your comittment.

What matters most over the long term?

A temorarily un-lined, sweetly young, mmmm…goood f***…

What then happens, when the initially wonderful effing is sliding into the ‘same old routine’?

Take care.

Of yourself.

And MOST of all your child(ren.)

I’m going to assume you just downloaded the ‘Tiger Woods’ South Park episode Sexual Healing, because otherwise - I have no clue what you’re talking about.

Are you ever going to post something somewhat coherent, or is this insane rage just part of your schtick?

I’m feeling left out.

maybe he’s talking bout those long-legged doctors that service women at the office.

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Advocating slavery is mundane and pointless :confused:

I think he’s simply advocating having a fairly submissive wife/girlfriend/mistress and a maid. And acknowledging that they don’t have to be the same person.

Seems to me a large percentage of male humanity would agree with him that that would be the ideal state of affairs. But pretty far removed from current reality though.

I think he’s saying that he has a wife and child but he’s tempted by an opportunity with some younger woman. And he’s trying to remind himself that the short term pleasures of the younger woman do not justify ruining the long term relationship he has with his family.

That and I think he’s really drunk.

Strange. lurking guest’s posts, even this OP, always read to me as clearly written by a female. Maybe I’ve met one to many militant feminists who are really bad at sarcasm.

Nah, she’s over sixty and female, by her own admission in an earlier post.

She’s been here for 17 months, has 180 posts, started 22 threads, of which almost all are started out in the same manner. Almost incoherent, stream of consciousness, anti-establishment.

Not insane, just part of the shtik. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Everybody has a shtik. This one is just a bit more different.

And she WANTS … a woman to f*** her when she wants?

So she’s an incoherent anti-establishment lesbian I guess.

I thought that part was supposed to be in the voice of the male she’s lampooning, and that the back half of the post was her actual position.

What matters most over the long term is the ability to communicate your ideas and beliefs to your fellow humans coherently, if you ask me. :smiley:

I think lurking guest is a web forum based Rorschach test.

Geez, I never flunked a Rorschach test before…

Maybe Lurking Guest doesn’t understand the confusion she’s causing. We need to communicate to her in a manner she understands.


The internet. Full of words.


You post… I post…Mail posts… Male post…

FEMALE post!!!

Why not say something?


We want to UNDERSTAND. Understand?

So post. Lineraly. In a line. Online.


Can’t we have one?


lurking guest thead

no one replies to


no food


I will.

And shit.

There’s a country music song that echoes your sentiments, lurking guest.

Then what?

I am going to say the same thing I do to posters who rant about what women really want/think/feel: I don’t understand. The men and women in my life do not typically behave in such a predictable fashion according to their gender. If your conceptualization of men is that they want nothing more out of life but a subservient female, I would hope that you will meet better men in the future. There are a lot of wonderfully complex, caring, level-headed, responsible, loyal men out there.

True Nava. My friends and I are on a gender bender trip right now, as in: Jimmy’s got his period. Kate, stop being such a girl. I’d love to have a man-wife, ok not really.