What do women want the most???

I want to hear everyone’ tips on what women want…from the guys and the girls. I have always thought that girls want as much attention as possible, but I find that more and more girls are either one way or the other, so I am not sure.

What the other women already have.

In a potential husband, a women wants a man who loves her, thinks she is beautiful and intelligent and fascinating, respects her and treats her as an equal, never looks at other women (and that includes even thinking about other women), loves children (and animals), knows that sex is spiritual as well as physical (most of the time); a man who is capable of protecting her, and makes a good living so she can stay home and not have to leave their babies if she chooses not to.

Other than husband material, a young girl wants a sexy stud that looks good in leather pants and can ride a motorcycle with elan; who makes her his total world; and who makes her girlfriends green with envy and pisses off her parents.

Who cares?

They only decide they want the former after they’ve been impregnated 2 or 3 times by the latter.

I want a man who posts his threads in the right forums.

I want to not come in to a thread right after someone has said what I was going to say.

Hmph, Green Bean. :wink:

Control, connections, comfort, continuity.

It only seems complicated because women often settle for vicarious control, having been told in every way that they must not presume to regard themselves as powerful. So a woman may seek power over others through her man (that’s why he has to be strong), and (possibly very subtle) power of her own over him (that’s why he has to be vulnerable).

The rest is details.

No cites here because I’m just making this up out of my own head.

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What do women want the MOST. Chocolate. Take a poll.


::ducks and runs::

In my particular case, dead.

No, gun, I’m over you. Er, almost.

Really though, I think a nice big-eyed golden retriever/maltese/basset hound/mixed breed/[insert canine breed] is best, though. Sorry guys…unless you have floppy ears and puppy dog eyes, you just don’t measure up. :stuck_out_tongue:

“I want a man who posts his threads in the right forums.”

Brilliant, GB.

I might add “I guy who knows how to search”.

On the most fundamental level, as classes go, women generally want men they perceive to be good genetic mate material based on their individual ideas of genetic fitness. As seziek noted, for many women this perception often changes a bit over time from “admired, hot stud” to “attentive, monagamous, good provider/soulmate”. The extent to which the desired men in the first category can or cannot make the transition to the second and the extent to which women have to deal with not “having it all” have has launched a thousand self help books for women.

The aforesaid is a generalization and as such there are large numbers of women for whom these transition categories will not apply.

J.B. Handelsman, in one of his crtoons, claimed it was “Having their backs rubbed.” My experience suggests a sight variation:

“Women want to have their feet rubbed”

I don’t know why, but it’s true. Chocolate is a very close second. Sex is a lot farther down the list.

Except perhaps those of us who are ticklish.

Apparently women want a forum moderator who doesn’t miss a thread for two days.

Sadly, I am woefully inadequate in this area, too.

Off to IMHO, way too late.

To get into my pants.

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but this is a ridiculous question. It’s impossible to generalize the desires of the entire female population. What women want varies along the same continuum as what men want.

There is no answer to this question.


I must disagree. Women want to always be agreed with and to never be proven ‘wrong’.