Hetero Men: Would you prefer a traditional woman as a partner?

I strongly suspect that in this anonymous poll most heterosexual men would prefer a a partner that I’m not going to define much more clearly than this:

*she hugely prioritizes her physical beauty, even after child birth and during child rearing
*she is your complete confidant in any matter
*furthermore she gives you excellent advice when you ask her questions you are clueless of the answer, especially questions you see as female ones
*she is constantly sexually attacted to you and while never pestering you for sex, is keen for it all the time
*you can delegate any or all aspects of running your household to her, with the following caveat:
*ultimately, she is subservient to you. That is not to say necessarily she is meek and incapable of expressing her opinion, just that if there is a conflict your word rules

I have a theory about the answers but we’ll see if they fit it.

It is odd that you mention “traditional women” in the the thread title, then go on to list characteristics that I would not associate with my definition of a traditional woman.

Aw crap the third option should be “I’m a heterosexual man…”

Agreed. The OP’s list of characteristics seems pretty scattershot.

My view of marriage is it should be a partnership between equals.

Delegate? subservient? prioritizes her physical beauty? No, in no way is this attractive or a formula for a long relationship.

I want an equal, and I have one.

Heterosexual male here

There are two I strongly agree with… two I strongly disagree with… and two I partially agree with, but mostly disagree with. What does that mean? I don’t know.

Updated the third field as the OP requested. Only about 15 votes at the time, total.

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That doesn’t look very traditional to me at all. All of the above seem good, except I’ve no problem with a woman “pestering” me for sex; I’d think that most men would take it as a compliment.

Well, I’d certainly prefer a woman who looks pretty good and tries to stay that way, but “hugely prioritizes” sounds like it would be unhealthy, expensive and irritating.

Subservience makes my skin crawl. And if she’s my “partner”, then it’s our household, not my household. I can’t “delegate” authority to her that is already hers.

I guess I’ll admit and say I don’t find those qualities inherently bad. If that’s the way somebody is, then that’s the way they are – presumably she has something else going on. Maybe she’s a mathematician, or loves classical music.

I don’t find any of those itemized qualities objectionable in themselves – some people are just plain strange, and sometimes one becomes friends with such people just for no reason at all.

Except for the last one, how exactly is she “traditional”? She gives good advice, is your confidant, enjoys sexual relations, not afraid to express he feminity and beauty, none of these are hallmarks of a traditional marriage.

Count me puzzled, as well. Do “non-traditional” women rejoice in being ugly, hate sex, avoid confiding in their parters, give bad advice (especially about girl stuff) and rule the roost with an iron fist?

Hmmm. I guess I’m not a fan of non-traditional ladies either.

Sounds like they probably cackle a lot and dissolve if splashed with water.

I think this poll is ridiculous and poorly constructed, and here’s why:

You’ve listed some characteristics I like in a woman, some I don’t, and presented only the choices of wanting all or none of them, or not caring at all.

Can’t wait to hear what kind of theory you have about this.

I think the OP was aiming for a description of a 50’s sitcom type wife - stays home and raises the kids, looks after the house and all the “woman” things, is always available to her husband, and puts him first in all things.

My mom was a traditional housewife and mother (mostly); her daughters are not (mostly). I think modern women are getting further and further away from the old stereotype of traditional wife and mother, but I’m not sure how men feel about that.

But then they’ll have to sleep in separate twin beds, so that would suck.

Not for the guy - he can go visiting and get his freak on, then go back to his own bed and sleep like a baby without all that annoying cuddling. :slight_smile:

Can I vote for Mr.Tao? For all he has commented that he doesn’t like the ‘traditional Mexican women and their valuess’, as much as he’s said he can’t stand that his father treats his mother like an idiot when she’s the smarter one, for all that he rails against the stereotyping, there are many days I’d happily throw him Sophia Vergara and a billion dollars to hire a maid, because that is what he REALLY wants.

Then again who doesn’t? :slight_smile:

Hah. I’m a (bisexual, atheist, loner, financially independant) woman who everyone says is a total weirdo, and I have every characteristic on this list except for the last.

I think that sums up my opinions rather well.