Straight Men - What Desired Sexual Act/Aspect Won't Your Wife/Partner Do With You (Now or Ever)?

Not trying to be discriminatory by narrowing this down to a poll of hetero men; just don’t want to skew the results in any way. This really only applies to men in a committed relationship - you single guys should be able to satisfy anything with enough effort/funds. And no, I don’t have a particular reason for doing this other that curiosity/comparing notes ;). Obviously anonymous…check all that apply - thanks!

She won’t climb into the basket and let me hang it from the ceiling and spin it. If she keeps gaining weight we will run out of time soon as the ceiling will only hold so much!

That concerns precisely two people, and you are neither of them.

She also will not cook certain things, because she doesn’t like them. But, as the details of what you do in the kitchen is none of my business, I hope you extend the same courtesy to us.

There’s something on that list I want to do, that my husband won’t do. As long as you are collecting data.

do tell

The poll is skewed because it asks, Whattya wanna do that she won’t?

Theres so many items on that list that neither my wife or I would ***ever ***consider. We’re pretty compatibile in what we like and don’t like.

I selected Doggy style because its one position the wife dislikes. I enjoyed it with prior gf’s but that was over 25 years ago. I’m not sure my older body would today.

Not skewed at all, IMO…it’s what I was looking for. Plent of stuff on the list that I wouldn’t consider either.


How does one nutt?

Ace drives home and flings open the door. Honey, guess what I want to do tonight! :wink:

Not a single thing on that list that she won’t do that I want to do, and we’ve done almost everything on the list.

As a wife, I won’t do water sports, but I have also never been asked, so all good.

On this topic–

This is somewhat related.

Just a question about the ‘water sports’; if it’s a guy doing the peeing-on, is his dick supposed to be erect while urinating? If so, how’s that work? :confused:

Interesting that anal is right up there with threesomes in the poll. Really?

The number of times “Blow job” has been chosen depresses me.


Same here. Basically all that’s left is watersports, and neither of us have any interest in that. Kind of a limited list, really…

Me too. I’m grateful every day

Their is an old joke.

Why is the bride smiling so much at her wedding?

Answer: She knows she will never have to give another blowjob.