Question for the married guys

What will your wife not let you do?

Ex. My watches what I eat. I am not allowed to eat fried chicken.
She also has gotten rid of the clothes of mine she hated.

We’re adults, we don’t give or withhold permission to each other for anything.

She won’t let me ogle, caress, smooch other females in her presence, let me spend the night with a willing specimen, or let any spend the night with us. Other than that, I’m a big boy and can make my own decisions. I just need to remember who I have to live with afterwards and the cost of crossing the line.

My wife and I are adults, so nothing.

My answer has been covered.

She doesn’t let me go long without getting to see her nekkid.

My wife is afraid of guns so no guns in the house.
We both know too many people that have died or badly hurt on a motorcycle. So no motorcycles. the reasoning if one of the boys had gotten hurt on a motorcycle her resentment would be too high and it would drive a wedge in our marriage.

I love my wife very much and as much as I want a bike I do not want what it could cost me.

My wife doesn’t let me speak unless spoken to.

I’m just kidding, I’m not married.

I’m not sure. I assume hookers and blow are right out there but its never come up.

She won’t let me eat kippered herring in the house.

No skydiving.
No smoking inside the house.

Other than that, she’s pretty easygoing.

I’m a married guy. There’s nothing my husband won’t let me do.

I can’t really say, I love her and won’t test the boundaries but I can’t imagine her having a problem with 99.9 % of the things
I do.

No farting in bed. The rule was announced after the Unfortunate Chili Incident of 2010. The Druidess made a big pot of delicious chili. I ate several bowls. In the morning, I found my horrified wife in a fetal position in the living room. I’ll probably never get homemade chili again.

Jeezes, ya city-bound rube, go get yerself a bucket of extry crispy. As for me and mine, we work out our differences as they arise.

Do adults set rules for each other?

Before we got married, my wife let me know that she’s not the type to forgive affairs but I wasn’t planning on having any.

like many of the others, as a husband, this question puzzles me, but most of the responses are absolutely the same as my situations with Mrs. Guest; no hookers and blow, no extended periods of non-nekkidness, work things out as they come up.
Food-wise, the chocolate ice cream is her ice cream. Unless I buy it by the gallon, then I get the first bowl (and only the first bowl but its a big bowl) but that’s pretty much the only “rule”.

If my wife ever told me I couldn’t have fried chicken, it was because it was the last piece and she wanted it. I only allowed the Mrs. to ever clear one single item out of “my” closet, and it was something I never wore anyway.

Nope, OP your op just isn’t something that happens between me and Mrs. Guest.

Eat massive quantities of something I really enjoy. I don’t do this often but she can be really nit-picky about what she considers “healthy lifestyle”. Which often amounts to family tradition or meticulously prepared dishes that really aren’t that healthy.

If we weren’t together I think I might actually eat healthier because my tastes are pretty simple and cooking is a hassle; maybe lots of baked fish fillets and bagged salad.

My wife won’t let me clean the gutters anymore. Something silly about my struggling with a twenty-foot aluminum extension ladder near the power lines.

Other than that, there are a lot of things that would get her upset (and I wouldn’t do them for that reason), but there’s pretty much nothing that she’s forbade me from doing.

Like so many others above …

Coming up on 30 years now and I have no idea what she wouldn’t allow. “Allow” just isn’t a word in our relationship vocabulary. Neither is whine, nag, bitch, or complain. It isn’t that hard to be grownups together.