Monkeys in Cartoons. *pic of chim chim*

Ok, so I don’t know why, but for some reason I want a list of monkeys in cartoons. Maybe its because my left breast is named for such a being (see pic.) Now I was hoping to keep the definition of monkey out of the gorilla and ape zone, so no Grape Ape. I also wanted the monkey to be a semi regular character, so no one time appearances. Heres what I’ve come up with so far:

Chim Chim = Speed Racer
Blip = Space Ghost
Mojo Jojo = Power Puff Girls
Monkey = Dexter’s Lab
Abu = Aladdin (Let’s not forget Disney, I know we want to)

Ok. Who am I missing? There has to be more, there just has to be.

Rhesus II, Shaolin and Spydor from Space Monkeys
Monkey Doctor-For-A-Head from Earthworm Jim
Mankey from Pokemon
Zephir from Babar
Gleek from Superfriends
MonkeyBone… I don’t really know what this one is about, but there was an ad on IFILM for it…

Arrgh, I’m drawing a blank.

I will suggest you revise your standards; Mojo and Chim Chim are apes.

don jamie, What! Apes? Chim Chim is a chimpanzee (see this. I didn’t think that was a form of ape, but I dont know much about apes. Mojo Jojo? I’m still looking.

pyrrho12, I think its Professor Monkey for a Head. I’d never heard of Space Monkeys, but I’ve heard of the rest and am slapping my forhead for not getting 'em.

Webster says:

Main Entry: great ape
Function: noun
Date: 1949
: any of a family (Pongidae) of primates including the gorilla, orangutan, and chimpanzees – called also pongid

Chimps ARE apes.

Me Tarzan, you Jane. What Chimp name?

Thank you UncleBill for the research. I han’t made it that far. Ok. New and improved parameters of the word “monkey,” the monkey in question should be no larger than about 2.5 feet tall when standing (foot to head.) How’zat? Drrt! I can’t remember the name of the chimp on Tarzan.

Bubbles from Dragon Ball Z, plus Goku from Dragon Ball (and various other saiyans from DBZ depending on the moon).

Sorry, KK, but the Saiyans don’t meet racerx’s new “no more than 2.5 feet tall” parameter in their monkey forms. Now, if it had been “no more than 250 feet tall”, we might’ve been in business. Bubbles should count, though–that’s one tough chimp, outrunning a Saiyan under 10 Gs.

Wasn’t Tarzan’s little buddy named (oddly enough) “Cheetah”, racerx?

By all means, feel free to list any monkeys you like, but the list I’m composing in my head only consists of those small monkeys (again, I dont know why I want this list.)

I found Tarzan’s friend named “Cheeka” here. Naturally that doesnt mean it has always been called that seeing how names tend to change at times. (ie: Bluto vs. Bruno).

Cheeka is from an unauthorized film Jungle Master with the main character Karzan. The “Cheetah” is correct. If you scroll up on same link to:


you can see it.

Sorry. My searches are fast, although not always thorough.

Raafiki, from The Lion King.

If apes do count, then Igoo, the Great Rock Ape from the Herculoids.

Professor Monkey-for-a-head is the name of the professor part, Monkey Professor-for-a-head is the name of the monkey part. Since you were looking for monkeys instead of professors, that’s the name I gave.

Yipes! Sorry pyrrho. What I meant was that I thought it was a professor rather than a doctor.

And bosda, thanks for the Herculoids reference. He’s a pretty good monkey, but I can always appreciate a good ol’ Hanna Barbara reference. (I think it’s a HB cartoon, although this thread has made me look generally full of shit.)