How about a good list of monkey movies?

I’m sick and tired of not having a list of monkey movies.

I’ll start.

Dunston Checks In

Oop oop.

Project X

12 Monkeys

Oh wait…

Monkey Shines

I shudder at the memory of it — and that’s not from fear.

You know that’s about an orangutan, don’t you? They don’t like being called monkeys.

Monkey, ape, orangutang, lemur, gorilla, chimpanzee, baboon. . .whatever.

Any Which Way But Loose

A Lad an’ a Lamp

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (monkey brains at least)

Monkey Trouble

**Alakazam the Great

The Wizard of Oz

Pirates of the Caribbean

Remember, folks, don’t mistake your Chimps and Orangs and Gorillas for Monkeys. Monkeys gots tails

(jerking thumb upwards)

Planet of the Apes

Kids these days. No respect for classics.

**King Kong.

Bedtime for Bonzo.**

Well now, that opens the door wide open. You’d include Gorillas in the Mist then? King Kong? Planet of the Apes? Tarzan? The Lion King? There’s going to be a lot of them.

Also, do you want movies in which these animals make any appearance at all, or only those in which one of them is a main character? For example, The Fly (the modern remake) has a brief appearance by a hapless lab monkey (a baboon?) who is quickly converted into teleporter hamburger.

Monkey Business (the Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers one, not the Marx Brothers’)

Mighty Joe Young

Oops, sorry, forgot one. Monkeys have only one scene, but it’s the funniest scene in any Charlie Chaplin flick, IMO:

The Circus


If I can stretch the definition of monkey to include a erson in a gorilla suit, then I’d highly recommend Schlock.

For those who don’t know, Schlock is Animal House director John Landis’ first film.


All the other Planet of the Apes movies – I think there were five, total.


Link. Featuring a very young Elisabeth Shue. Okay, not very young. But certainly younger than 25. Ooh, and Terence Stamp, too! Only he was older.