Any Italians, Brits, Swedes, other, Dopers fans of this Italian tv series ?

If you don’t mind subtitles or are an Italian speaker, these series about a Sicilian police detective are addictive viewing.

They’re different from what most of us in the English speaking world are used to, due to cultural differences that cause the characters and the plotlines to go in (to us) unexpected directions.

Theres a lot of quiet humour involved, and if you’re watching it midwinter, in gloomy northern climes its a refreshing treat to watch the sun drenched Sicilian locations.

If you haven’t watched it I totally recommend it .

Over here in the U.K. we’re going through withdrawal symptons, awaiting the next series not due for some months, though we’re filling the gap with “Scandinavian Noir”, with a Swedish series The Bridge, but thats for another thread.

American Doper here. My wife loves it. Once she even spent a good while GoogleEarthing the filming locations, found “his” house on the beach. I usually watch it with her, and although the humor and plot coincidences are little too broad for my refined palate (sniff), I enjoy it too. And I can agree with Mrs. Cretin-- the lead actor is very easy on the eyes.

Apparently you can rent "his "house on the beach.

I’m glad somebody else has heard of it, I thought that it was those voices in my head starting up again.

Over here it has a noticeable, but not huge, fanatical fanbase, and it is supposed to be incredibly popular in Italy itself.

(And nowdoubt partly because of the sunny location, Sweden as well)

The hero, who IRL is from Rome, had to learn how to speak the Sicilian way, which seems to be at machine gun speed.

Have been to Italy sometime ago working, enjoyed it, but wasn’t over the moon about it, now I fancy going back there for a break because of this programme.

Say hello to the missus for me from a fellow fan !

Will do.

I’m sorry I missed this thread the first time around. I really liked the series, but apparently the network that is showing them here in the US (MHz International Mysteries) ran out of them, there were only 22 episodes I guess.

Now it appears there is a new series, but probably with a different cast, called The Young Montalbano. It starts next week, and it takes place when he first comes to Vigata as a new detective; he apparently meets Fazio’s father (a senior detective) and a younger Catarella. You can find plot descriptions here.

My only problem with these Italian detective shows, like Montalbano and the one called Fog and Crimes, is that the girlfriends are always a giant pain in the ass. I hope he can go a while in this new series without a girlfriend (he seemed to cheat on her a lot anyway).

I found the new series, “Il Giovane Montalbano” on IMDB. Totally different cast. The main character is played by Michele Riondino, who looks to be about 22, and too slim to turn into the burly Commisario.

Yes Livia is a clingy, nagger.

He later goes with (IMO) the perfect women but …I won’t spoil it for you.

It quite tickled me that in one episode they show( another) seriously sensuous woman is talking to M on the phone in a seductive pose in the bath with one arm behind her head.

And all I could think as a Brit was, eeeeeeew she’s got hairy armpits !