Montfort, you are avenged

Montfort had to post 100 posts with a signature line created by Satan after the Joisey Giants defeated the Philly Eagles. Satan predicted the Joisey Giants would go the distance and win the super bowl. So much for predictions.

I hope you didn’t spoil it for the multitudes of posters who wished we not acknowledge who won the Bowl in thread titles.

Everyone knows Montford and I are Iggles suckers, and the extrapolation is fairly evident in yer thread title.

Well dammit.

That’s ok, though. Already had a co-worker yell the final score across the room. I guess he couldn’t be bothered to PICK UP THE PHONE and call the other guy, since I had asked not to spill it for me.

I’m happy as a clam that the New Jersey Giants lost.

I’m even happier that the Baltimore Ravens (my token AFC team) won.


So, after all these years, Art Modell finally wins a Super Bowl. Must be something about the water in Baltimore… like the fact that it’s not flammable.

To all out friends in Cleveland:


the citizens of Cincinnati.

I remember doing that to LA last year. Ahh, memories…