The Super Bowl Bets Thread (get in before the game starts)

How confident are you in your team?

I propose we make a bet on the game. Not for money, but for a temporary sig line.

The people betting on the team that ends up losing have to post a sig line with all their posts for “1 week” (of the people betting on the winning teams choice).

So who’s got the balls to play? What team’s your bet?

As for me: I’m rooting for the NY Giants. :wink:

I bet the Super Bowl is going to suck.

I bet Snooooopy’s right

Silo, I like you, but you’re nuts. 1 sig line on the Ravens.

I bet I don’t know who’s playing until after the game is over.
I don’t follow football, so I have no clue now who’s playing or where. (And don’t try to tell me now! I’m peeking through my fingers as I write this so I won’t see if it’s already in the thread :smiley: )

I’ll do the giants.

and not in a sexual way

Ravens will win. They will win because they wear Purple and their Head Coach Brian Billick graduated from the same high school as I did.:cool:

The Gints have been set-up by the Vikings(much like me:mad:} by making them think they have an offense, they don’t.:stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing offensive in NFC Championship game was the Viking defense.:frowning:

The line for next years Viking bandwagon starts here.

I am sick.

Hmmmm, Silo and oldscratch. Bet you hoped I’d forgotten this, huh? No such luck. Stay tuned for your sigs…

I’ll take the Ravens. I’ll even spot you 3 touchdowns.

Hell no, I’m practicly creaming my jeans right now.